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Course Proposals

School of Public Affairs' professors and instructors are invited to submit course proposals for upcoming academic years. Submitted proposals are available for students, staff and faculty to view below and range from new courses to program changes.

The changes listed below include contact information and correspondence for each respective proposal.

Significant Change to an Undergraduate Major - Political Science (BA)
Significant Change to an Undergraduate Major - Law and Society (BA)
Significant Change to an Undergraduate Major - Justice and Law (BA)
JLC 281 - Introduction to Legal Studies Research
JLC 432/632 - Concepts of Punishment
JLC 469/669 - Terrorism and Homeland Security Policy Practicum
SPA 480 - SPA Honors Capstone
SPA 481 - SPA Honors Capstone
SPA 300 - SPA Honors Colloquium

Spring 2017

GOVT 425 - Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement
SPA 3XX - Community-Based Research
JLC 420/620 - Law & Society
GOVT 404/604 - Burke's Political Thought

Fall 2016

GOVT 337 - Authoritarianism in the Modern Era
GOVT 205 - Political Theory: Issues and Texts
GOVT 435 - Political Violence and Civil Wars
GOVT 743 - Political Violence in Comparative Perspective
PUAD 645 - Foundations of Program Evaluation
PUAD 643 - Quantitative Methods
SPA 614 - Conduct of Inquiry III
SPA 615 - Conduct of Inquiry IV

Spring 2016

SPA 102 - Politics, Policy and Law Scholars Washington Lab I
GOTV 239 - The Middle East in Comparative Perspective
SPA 202 - Politics, Policy, and Law Scholars Washington Lab II