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SPA Undergraduate Research Symposium

The 10th Annual SPA Undergraduate Research Symposium provides a forum for undergraduate students to present their original scholarly and creative work before colleagues, friends, and faculty. A "Best of" Award will be determined and handed out for each session, which will include recognition at the annual SPA Awards Ceremony. The symposium will take place on Wednesday, April 25, 2018. Location is Kerwin Hall.

The symposium is open to all levels of undergraduate students, from freshmen to seniors. To apply, you need to have taken or be currently enrolled in an SPA course during AY 2017-2018. Students from CAS, KSB, SIS, and SOC are welcome to present their work if it was done for an SPA course. Please be aware that the symposium uses the term "research" to include creative and performance work as well as formal research.

Please email if you have any questions.

Spring 2017 Awardees

Best Presentation: Identity and Politics

Matthew Wilson
"Political Cohesion Among Feminists: Selection Effects at Work"
Faculty Sponsors: Kimberly Cowell-Meyers & Matthew Wright

Best Presentation (tie): Human Rights & Policy Implications

Natalie Giron
"Educational Experience of Undocumented Latinx Students and Families in the New Political Climate"
Faculty Sponsor: Claire Griggs

Asha Smith
"Justice is Found in Equity: Why we Need a Federal Constitutional and Fundamental Right to Education"
Faculty Sponsor: Jason Snyder

Best Presentation: Experiencing Homelessness in DC (CBRS Session 1)

Callie Sofis-Scheft
"Health and Substance Abuse"
Faculty Sponsor: Jane Palmer

Best Poster

Stella Rose Cooper
"American Foreign Volunteers Against ISIS"
Faculty Sponsor: Joe Young

Best Presentation: Domestic Public Policy Issues

Mary-Margaret Koch
"Time for a Change: Examining Help-Seeking Behaviors in the First-Year Experience"
Faculty Sponsor: Jane Palmer

Best Presentation: Experiencing Homelessness in DC (CBRS Session 2)

Laurel Booth & Katie Ruff
"Health & Substance Use"
Faculty Sponsor: Jane Palmer