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Frequently Asked Questions

You register for a SAMI course the same way you would register for any of your other courses. This registration process is through Eagle Service.

Yes, students have up to one year after graduation to complete the certificate once they've finished their first course.

After graduation students are only able to take the courses for credit and will need to pay tuition for the one-credit version of the classes.

To complete the certificate, students need to take a total of three classes. These classes can be a mix of credit and non-credit, i.e. two for credit and one non-credit.

Both the non-credit and one-credit versions of the same course will meet together like other cross-listed courses. The main difference is having them count towards your SPA degree. If taken for one-credit, an advisor can approve them for a degree. Non-credit courses cannot count towards your degree.

No. Students must begin the certificate process while a current SPA graduate student.

One-credit classes will be graded on an A-F scale and count towards your degree with permission from your advisor. Non-credit classes will be graded P/F and will not count towards your degree.

Failure to attend a class will result in an F, which will appear on your transcripts.

Graduate students in other schools can take the one-credit version of the class.

To request your certificate, please complete this online form. For questions about your certificate, please email

The certificate will not appear on your transcript; although, the classes will. You can list the certificate on your resume. Contact to request an application for the certificate.