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Research Success Story

2011-2012 Faculty Research Support Grant Recipients

By Rosemary Wander

Photo of Abigail Miller

Photo by Jeff Watts

This year a new competitive program for funding faculty research was introduced at AU. Many strong proposals were submitted. After careful review by a panel of faculty peers, the following individuals were named as recipients as the Faculty Research Support Awards.

College of Arts and Sciences

Abigail Miller
“Development of a Method to Determine Precise Values for Binding Constants of Antibodies to Proteins via Fluorescence Cross Correlation Spectroscopy”

Alida Anderson
“Exploring the Relationship between Stress Sensitivity, Phonemic Processing, and Reading Skill in Children with and without Dyslexia”

Jeremiah Dittmar
“Spillovers to Slavery: A New Approach to Estimating the Economic Impact of Slavery in the Antebellum USA”

Kathleen Decicco-Skinner
“Microscopic Identification of Skin Cancer Cell Migration”

Mary Hansen
“Bankruptcy Among Manufacturing Firms During the Great Depression: Pilot Study of Mississippi”

Matthew Hartings
“Creation of Artificial Photosynthetic Proteins for Carbon Dioxide Conversion”

Sarah Irvine Belson
“Digital Pens: Information Access and study Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities”

Stephanie Grant
“HOME EQUITY: a Novel”

Stephen MacAvoy
“Relationships between Geographic Distribution, Trophic Structure and Toxins in Southwest Florida Manatees”

School of Communication

Carolyn Brown
“The Salinas Project: Life and Stories from Inside an Immigrant Community“

Maggie Stogner
“Communicating Culture – Transforming the Museum Experience with 21st Century Media Technologies”

School of International Service

Jeffrey Colgan
“Explaining Petro-Aggression: Oil, Revolution, and International Conflict”

Jordan Tama
“Planning America’s National Security Policy: The Purpose and Impact of Government Strategic Reviews”

School of Public Affairs

David Pitts
“Understanding LGBT Representation: Evidence from Public Universities”