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Women & Politics Institute

Sunday Morning Monitor

Each Sunday morning, politicians, pundits, and journalists gather to set the agenda for the coming week's news cycle. These elected officials, candidates, and talking heads crowd the airwaves of the major networks and cable news outlets.

Considering the important and influential role these programs play in establishing political discourse, WPI tracks who sits at the round table. And these numbers make clear, women are few and far between.

May 14, 2017: 26 Men and 8 Women

NBC's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd: 6 men and 2 women

  • Sec. Rex Tillerson (M) 
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (M) 
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer (M) 
  • Hallie Jackson (F) Katty Kay (F) 
  • Matthew Continetti (M) 
  • Jim VandeHei (M) 
  • Eugene Robinson (M)

CBS's Face the Nation with John Dickerson: 6 men and 1 woman

  • Rep. Adam Schiff (M) 
  • Sen. Ben Sasse (M) 
  • Peggy Noonan (F) 
  • Jeffrey Goldberg (M) 
  • David Ignatius (M) 
  • Ben Domenech (M) 
  • Fmr. Sec. Robert Gates (M)

ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos: 4 men and 1 woman

  • Ambassador Nikki Haley (F) 
  • Sen. Mark Warner (M) 
  • James Clapper (M) 
  • Laurence Tribe (M) 
  • Ken Starr (M)

CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper: 3 men and 3 women

  • Sen. Chuck Schumer (M) 
  • James Clapper (M) 
  • Bill Kristol (M) 
  • Rep. Stephanie Murphy (F) 
  • Neera Tanden (F) 
  • Amanda Carpenter (F)

  • Sen. Mark Warner (M) 
  • Sen. Mike Lee (M) 
  • Bob Woodward (M) 
  • Karl Rove (M) 
  • Julie Pace (F) 
  • Josh Holmes (M)