Aly Higgins Wheeler

Aly Higgins Wheeler

Aly Higgins Wheeler, Founder, Wheelerhouse LLC

Aly Higgins Wheeler started her own political fundraising company, Wheelerhouse LLC, in 2019.  Her company specializes in DC/PAC fundraising for incumbent Members of Congress and candidates running for Congress.

Prior to starting her company, she worked in several different areas of politics. During the 2018 cycle, she raised money for two incumbents, and five first-time candidates – managing a $3M dollar fundraising plan for one of the incumbents, and raising a combined total of over $450K in PAC money for first-time candidates.  In addition to raising money, she moonlighted as a campaign manager for one of her first-time candidates.

In addition to her fundraising experience, Higgins Wheeler served on Governor Scott Walker’s Presidential campaign in 2016 as Mrs. Walker’s personal aide, handling her strategy, schedule, briefings, campaign events, and communication.

During the 2014 cycle, she worked as the Director of Events at the Republican State Leadership Committee where she managed a million-dollar events budget and organized fundraising events that brought together Lieutenant Governors, Secretaries of State, State Legislative Leaders and corporate donors to serve the overall mission of gaining Republican control in down ballot races.

During the 2012 cycle, she worked at the Republican National Committee helping state party leaders to secure speakers for their events, and helped with logistics for the 2012 Republican National Convention. After the 2012 election, she also helped to facilitate the Growth & Opportunity Project.

Higgins Wheeler is passionate about getting more women elected to public office and in addition to fundraising for several strong female clients, she has worked with groups like RightNOW Women PAC and She Should Run. She also volunteers for the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project.

Higgns Wheeler earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Law, Economics and Government from American University, and is also an American University WeLead alumna from the 2013-14 class. 

Higgins Wheeler spoke at the January 2020 training session.