Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

Students admitted to Graduate Professional Studies are automatically considered for partial scholarships and will be notified of a funding award via email within 24 hours of their acceptance to the program.

In addition, the School of Professional & Extended Studies offers a limited amount of additional scholarship funding. Scholarship awards vary by criteria and amount. Students gain access to the scholarship application for additional funding after they are admitted to the program.

Please note: Graduate Professional Studies a non-degree program; FAFSA funds cannot be used for program tuition. Beyond scholarship funding, many students pursue individual loans through private companies.


Scholar demonstrates a high level of academic achievement (3.5 GPA or higher), community engagement, extracurricular activities, honors, and potential contribution to their academic field of study while enrolled in the School of Professional & Extended Studies.

Scholar must have an average to above average GPA (3.0 or higher*). Student must demonstrate moderate to high financial need, and should have contributed in some way to their field of study.

*Exceptions may be made for students below 3.0 GPA that have demonstrated need.

Leadership Scholarships can be awarded in the form of an Education or an Advancement Award.

Education Award: Awarded to students that are the first in their immediate family to attend a college or university.

Advancement Award: This award is designed to increase opportunities for students from underrepresented populations. Students attending specifically designated colleges such as historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), and Hispanic-serving institutions are encouraged to apply.

Awarded to students pursuing study in the areas of Science, Health, and Technology. Special consideration is given to applicants from underrepresented or underserved populations including women, though all students are encouraged to apply.