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The Changing World of the News Media


You are a storyteller. You can’t get enough of what’s happening now. You are a born communicator. You love to write. Graduate Gateway’s Changing World of News Media is for you. We introduce you to the pioneers of innovative journalism and communication. We help you find where you fit into this dynamic field.

Program includes:

  • Graduate Seminar in the Changing World of the News Media (3 credits)
  • Graduate Elective within American University’s School of Communication (3 credits)
  • Media and Communication Internship in Washington (three days per week, 1 credit)

The Changing World of News Media Seminar

We see the rapid changes in the news media as an opportunity for you to reinvent journalism. We introduce you to journalists and communicators doing groundbreaking work – in print, in television, in radio, in social media, online and in any combination of them. You will talk with senior correspondents and editors who have witnessed the changes and understand the underlying principles of journalism. And you will talk to young journalists who are striking out on their own to find new ways to tell stories and reach an unlimited audience. We help you improve your writing, no matter what field of journalism and communications you seek. The program provides students with the foundation for a Master’s degree in communications or public affairs, knowledge of the professional world of strategic communications, and valuable connections in the field.

All classes serve as a foundation to graduate programs in American University’s School of Communications.