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International Affairs

spexs international affairs

In this program you will study important issues in international relations, such as the interaction of International politics and regional political systems, as well as the current shifts in global economic power. You will study international and cross-cultural communication, peace and conflict resolution, and the role of international law and organizations in international affairs. Students have used this program to transition to careers as foreign affairs professionals – whether in government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international institutions, business and industry, or academia.

Program includes:

  • Graduate Seminar in International Affairs (3 credits)
  • Graduate Elective at the School of International Service (3 credits) 
  • International Affairs Internship in Washington (three days per week)


The three credit graduate seminar provides a conceptual and practical understanding of the main fields of the discipline of international affairs through lectures by a professor from American University’s School of International Service and seminar sessions with guest speakers from the U.S. Congress, Departments of State, Defense, Commerce and other executive branch agencies, as well as other experts. The fields of study include International Politics, International Law and Organizations, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Comparative and Regional Studies, International Communication, International Economic Relations, International Development, Global Environmental Politics, and US Foreign Policy.

All classes serve as a foundation to graduate programs in American University’s School of International Service.