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Housing Options for Graduate Gateway Students

Graduate Gateway Students have the option of living in university sponsored housing in the Berkshire Apartments near American University's campus or finding living accommodations on their own.

Berkshire Apartments

American University does not offer on-campus housing for graduate students. AU does offer university sponsored housing at the Berkshire Apartments, affectionately known as "The Berks". All Berkshire apartments are double occupancy. Berkshire Apartment floor plans are available online.

Rates for Berkshire Apartments

Studio: $5,347 per student/semester

Small One-Bedroom: $5,940 per student/semester

Medium/Large One-Bedroom: $6,832 per student/semester

*Rates are based on AY 2014-2015

To request University housing in the Berkshire apartments, please fill out the online Housing Application. Housing applications are only being accepted for the Spring 2015 semester at this time. The preferred housing deadline is November 14 and all assignments will be made in early December prior to the start of the spring semester.

Other Housing Options

Many students choose to find their own housing in DC or stay with a friend or family member in the DC area. To assist you with finding off campus housing, AU has a website set up with housing options, a message board to help you find roommates, and other resources. Visit http://www.american.edu/ocl/housing/Off-Campus-Housing-Postings.cfm to get started!

Remember Washington, DC, is broken into quadrants. American University is located in the Northwest part of the city. Each neighborhood in DC has its own unique culture. If you have any questions about preferred areas young professionals choose to live, please don't hesitate to ask the Graduate Gateway office.