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Graduate Professional Studies students use a GPS semester to:

  • Strengthen graduate school applications
  • Earn credit toward a graduate degree
  • Get more experience in their field of interest
  • Decide if graduate school or a career is their next step
  • Transition from one career field to another
  • Build a professional network in DC

Through Graduate Professional Studies, you will learn from leaders—in classroom settings, on site visits throughout DC, through research, or with an internship. With dynamic fields of study from sports management to public policy, your path to enhancing a career foundation or submitting a top-notch graduate school application starts with Graduate Professional Studies at AU.

Opening Doors Through GPS

GPS taught me...that a door that seems closed might not be locked.

The time before college graduation can be stressful for many students. Uncertainty about the future, what to do next, and where to go became important questions that need answers --- fast. Many students have turned to the American University Graduate Professional Studies program.

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