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Preparing for Mentorship

SPExS students at Nationals Park

We are excited that you have decided to participate in the Washington Mentorship Program prior to your spring start at AU! If you have any questions about the program or about joining in us in the fall, please contact us by email or call us at 202-895-4936.

Summer Checklist

To help you keep track of everything that should be done to get you prepared to join us this fall we will provide a Summer Checklist. The checklist will be available to students in May.

Dates to Remember

Once you accept to study in the Washington Mentorship Program and submit your deposit, we will be in contact with you throughout the summer in order to prepare you for joining us in August. To help you understand important dates throughout the summer and your fall semester, a general timeline is available online.

Eagle Summit

Eagle Summit is American University's new student orientation for first-year students. During the Summit, you will learn about academics and campus life at American University, while meeting other new students as well as current AU students who will help you acclimate to the university. For more information on dates and registration, contact the Eagle Summit office.

Estimated Program Costs

The Washington Mentorship Program costs are equal to program costs of degree program classes at AU. Please note that financial aid is not available for the Washington Mentorship Program. Although students may receive financial aid packages for the spring semester, this aid cannot be applied to the fall semester studies in the Mentorship Program.

Financing options for your fall 2015 semester as a non-degree seeking student in the Mentorship Program are available online (see Alternative Credit Based Loans on the right side).

Preparing for your Mentored Field Practicum

The Mentored Field Practicum (MFP, or internship) is an important part of your semester experience. The first step in the internship search process is to create a resume and have it reviewed by WMP staff. Please use the resume resources provided by the WMP office to guide you in creating your resume.

Once your resume is approved, you are ready to start applying to internships. In order to learn more about the MFP process and find important tips and tricks to make the most of your experience, please read the internship guide available here.

Quote from a Student

“It has helped me decide what direction I want my life, including my career, to go in.” – Alyssa Komish, WMP 2013

 Visiting AU? Let WMP know! We would love to meet you while on campus and share more information about the Mentorship Program. Contact us at 202-895-4936 or You can also sign-up for an American University tour and information session.