Internship Experience

During the semester, you will have an internship three days a week and an internship class once a week. In this class, you will work with a professor who will guide you on managing your internship. You will also read professional articles, write papers, and keep a journal. Throughout the semester, you will gain the professional skills and experience to help you in future internships and jobs.

DC Internship COuntdown

The Mentorship Program DC is a perfect opportunity to pursue an internship based on your intended major or area of interest.


Prepare your resume and cover letter with assistance from AU staff.
Take a sneak peak at our internship database.


Conduct internship search.
Over 3,000 leads are available.
Apply to your top 10 sites.
Succeed in your interview with our expert guidance.


Orientation in DC
The Internship Fair (last chance to secure an internship)
Our professional support is designed to help you manage a professional setting.

We have over 70 years of experience helping students land an internship. Most students will find their internship during the summer, prior to their arrival in August. Your engagement over the summer is vital to your success in securing an internship.