A One of a Kind Program

In the Mentorship Program in England, you will gain international experience in the fall semester so you join AU with a global perspective.

Foundation for Your Future

From day one, you will build the foundation for the AU degree program that you will begin in spring semester, because your Mentorship Program in England classes focus on skills that will advance your academics at AU. You will be enrolled in a combination of AU and BSU courses – taking classes as a cohort on BSU’s campus, while living on BSU’s campus and having full access to BSU campus activities and services.

Experiential Learning

Beyond the classroom, an AU professor and advisor will guide your experience - using England as a classroom, with excursions to London and Stonehenge.

Bath, England has a population of 176,000 residents, of which 20,000 are college students. The Bath Spa University Newton Park campus, where the Mentorship Program is located, has access to the cities of Bath and Bristol.

Point of View


The England Mentorship Program from a student's point of view.