I picked the Mentorship Program in England because I wanted to start my college career off by immersing myself into another culture. There is no better way to learn and grow than being in an entirely different country with 25 completely new individuals that end up becoming your best friends. This program taught me better time management, allowed me to travel independently, and showed me the importance of always keeping an open mind.


I picked AU because I am interested in studying international relations and foreign policy. I was part of the Mentorship Program because I knew that studying in England my first semester would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. During the program, we took classes taught by AU faculty and Bath Spa University professors. In addition to the academic content, the MPUK semester included a wide variety of excursions and trips to various parts of the UK. Currently, I am continuing work towards a major in International Studies and a possible minor in Spanish.

GRACE GARDONE, FALL 2016 Louisville, KY

As soon as I received the letter that I was accepted into American University's Mentorship Program, I knew it was an opportunity I could not pass up. AU had given me the opportunity to study abroad during my first semester of college, and that was only the beginning! My experience was everything I hoped it would be and more: I met new people outside of my own familiar culture, I explored four different European countries, I learned more about myself, and I grew a network of 23 other students I can always fall back on. After I returned to the States, I decided to change my major to Business, Language, and Culture to keep exploring different people and cultures. The Mentorship Program in England has given me an unforgettable experience that no other institution can match.


I chose the Mentorship Program in England because I really couldn't turn down studying abroad my first semester. I was really excited to experience a culture separate from my own. Now that I on campus, I plan on studying veterinary medicine and am currently majoring in biology. In my free time, I love hiking, music, ballet, jazz, and modern dance.


It may seem intimidating to spend your first semester in a foreign country, but take the leap! Living in a new culture not only expands your knowledge of the world, but of yourself. You learn where your comfort zone is and just how far you can really push that, while creating bonds that literally last overseas. I volunteered at HopScotch Day Care and joined Bath Spa University's choir. Now that I'm on AU's campus, I spend time in the Katzen Arts Center writing music, and tutor two children at a local elementary school. Growing independent during the program has greatly prepared me for life at AU.

SARA AMEEN, FALL 2016Bristow, VA

I chose Mentorship in England because I have always had a desire to travel and invest myself in a culture other than my own. So when I received such an opportunity to do exactly that, I couldn't pass it up. This opportunity was an amazing experience for me as our group was able to see and learn so much. Our excursions to museums, cities, and landmarks were so beneficial and increased my knowledge on the interesting history and diverse culture that is everywhere in Europe. The transition back to AU was much easier than I expected because it is so easy to get involved in organizations and in classes. I am currently enjoying my time at AU as an International Relations major in the School of International Service.

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