The Mentorship Program UK is a fall semester, non-degree program for students who have been admitted to AU for the spring semester. This program is an option for students to study in the United Kingdom during the fall semester - taking a combination of AU and Bath Spa University (BSU) courses prior to formally starting their AU degree program in the spring.

American University offers this program in partnership with Bath Spa University. Mentorship UK students will be enrolled in two courses taught by AU (Complex Problems Seminar, College Writing) that are taken within the AU cohort.

The students take two BSU courses - Economics & Globalisation (taken with the AU cohort) and a BSU elective (taken with other BSU students).

The official deadline to reserve a spot in the Mentorship Program is May 1, 2020. Please note that space in the Mentorship Program UK has limited capacity and the program may fill before the May 1 deadline. To reserve a spot in the Mentorship Program for the fall and AU in the spring, you will need to complete an AU Enrollment Agreement and Housing Application form (making sure to select the Mentorship Program box located on this form), submit a $600 deposit to AU for the spring, and then submit an additional $1,500 deposit to reserve a spot in the Mentorship Program UK. Your space in the UK Program will not be reserved until the program receives the additional $1,500 deposit.

The Mentorship Program UK will maintain a waitlist if the program reaches capacity. Students interested in the waitlist for the UK program must still secure their spot in the Mentorship Program for the fall semester and AU in the spring by completing the Enrollment Agreement, selecting the Mentorship Program box on this form, and submitting the $600 deposit for the spring semester.

If you are accepting AU’s offer of admission to start in the spring semester (without a fall semester Mentorship Program), you also have until May 1, 2020 to place your deposit.

  1. Create your Admitted Student Portal (even if you already have a Prospective Student Portal), which gives you secure access to online resources at AU.
    • Go to myAU.american.edu
    • Select Create your account
    • Select I am a student and follow instructions to enter required information.
  2. Complete the Enrollment Agreement and Housing Deposit:
    • Go to myAU.american.edu
    • Double-click on the Academics tab on the left side.
    • Under Personalized Links, select Enrollment Agreement and Housing Deposit.
    • Complete the form and submit with $400 tuition and $200 housing deposits (via credit card or e-check) by May 1, 2020.
      Please note that the two deposits will be applied toward your spring 2021 tuition and housing fees.
  3. Specify Mentorship Program
    • You will receive a request to select your Mentorship Program (DC or UK). If you plan to participate in the fall 2020 Mentorship Program, indicate that option on the Enrollment Agreement. After you select the Mentorship Program, you will receive an email to select a Mentorship Program option (DC or UK). If you select the Mentorship Program UK, you must submit an additional $1,500 deposit by May 1, 2020.

The Mentorship Program UK can have 20-40 students. Deposits are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The Mentorship Program UK has limited capacity, and the program may fill before the May 1 deadline. Note, that you will not make the enrollment list for this program until the Mentorship Program Office receives the additional $1,500 deposit for the UK Program.

You can find a breakdown of the cost of the program on the program cost page. The tuition, room, partial board, and fees are billed directly through American University. Additional expenses may include: food, transportation (to/from Washington, DC; the flight to/from UK; and transportation in country), books and school supplies, entertainment and social activity expenses.

Since the Mentorship Program is designated as non-degree, financial aid is not available for and may not be applied to this program. If you received aid for the Spring Semester, you cannot use it in the fall semester. (This information was in your admission packet.)

Students who choose to participate in the Mentorship Program UK in the fall semester may obtain private educational loans to attend the fall semester. Information is located on the AU financial aid web site.

In addition, the American Payment Plan (APP) is available to Mentorship Program students. The APP divides the fall semester balance into convenient, interest-free monthly payments. For information, call AU Central at 202-885-8000. Set up an online payment plan.

Concerning financial aid packages, please contact an undergraduate financial aid officer in the Office of Financial Aid at 202-885-6500.

AU Mentorship professors are American University faculty with appointments to the School of Professional & Extended Studies. The College Writing professor holds an appointment in the College of Arts & Sciences. The professor, who will be in the UK with the cohort, is an employee of American University. The BSU professors are faculty with appointments to Bath Spa University.

There are two courses taught by AU professors and two courses taught by BSU professors. The two AU courses are: College Writing and Complex Problems Seminar.

College Writing is offered online and will start in August – prior to orientation and the cohort leaving for England. The course prepares students for the writing required throughout their academic career. This course fulfills the Written Communication and Information Literacy I requirement.

Complex Problems Seminar is for all students during their first year at American University demonstrates the value of approaching important conceptual problems and social issues from a variety of perspectives, often from multiple disciplines and including multiple voices./p>

Students will take two BSU courses with BSU professors. Note, in the UK, a “course” is referred to as a “module.”

Economics and Globalisation will be taken within the AU cohort. This course is an introduction to modern economic analysis and its policy implications. This course counts as ECON-100: Macroeconomics and is required for certain majors at AU.

The BSU elective options are:

OMO4100-20 Digital Citizenship
This course has been accepted to transfer to AU as COMM-365.

HIS4000-20 - Europe and the World 1
Transfers to AU as a HIST-2xx course. This course will satisfy the “Europe” requirement for History majors and minors.

E4011-20 - Global Development
This course has been accepted to transfer to AU as SISU-240.

Questioning Society
The study of sociology enables you to make sense of what’s going on in the world and also find out more about who you are. One of sociology’s strengths lies in challenging our ideas and opinions – about what is ‘natural’, what is ‘inevitable’ and what is ‘obvious’ about the world we live in. This module is concerned with questioning ‘common sense’ perceptions of contemporary UK society and the global context in which UK society exists. This will be done by taking contemporary descriptions of UK society and thoroughly questioning the accuracy of these ideas using concepts, theories and research data from sociology.

Sustainability in Life and Work
This module is a thematic, multi-disciplinary module exploring sustainability from numerous subject and policy positions. You will gain a better understanding of the environmental arguments to help us further understand how social and economic factors must be brought into the equation when modelling policy and lifestyle choices.

Selecting your BSU elective course
In the summer, students will submit a list of 3 course selections – ranked in order of preference. BSU will enroll students on a first-come-first-served basis and after BSU degree students are enrolled.

In the Mentorship Program UK, students take 4 courses, for a total of 12 credits. Two courses are taught by AU professors, and two courses are taught by BSU professors. Three of the courses are taken with the AU cohort; one course is taken with other BSU students.

All credits and grades received in the fall semester will transfer to a student’s American University record and appear on their AU transcript. Mentorship UK students will complete a 12 credit course load (or bring in AP or IB credit), they will be on target to graduate in May 2024.

  • AU College Writing counts toward the Written Communication and Information Literacy I requirement
  • Complex Problems Seminar counts toward the AU Core Requirement
  • Economics and Globalisation (BSU) Transfers as AU ECON-100, this course meets requirements for certain majors.
  • 1 BSU elective from the following list:
    • OMO4100-20 - Digital Citizenship
      This course has been accepted to transfer to AU as COMM-365.
    • HIS4000-20 - Europe and the World 1
      Transfers to AU as a HIST-2xx course. This course will satisfy the “Europe” requirement for History majors and minors.
    • E4011-20 - Global Development
      This course has been accepted to transfer to AU as SISU-240.
    • Questioning Society
      TBD course articulation.

Students who enroll in the Mentorship Program UK must abide by the policies, regulations, and codes relating to student behavior at American University and Bath Spa University. Any student who violates the American University Academic Integrity Code or Student Code of Conduct or the Bath Spa University student policies will have their spring admission offer reevaluated, and they may be removed from the program. Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to meet the standard for satisfactory academic progress. Your fall semester GPA will be your starting GPA for spring semester.

If a student earns below a 2.0 for the fall semester, they will start the spring semester on Academic Probation.

Yes. However, this is something students should wait until October/November to discuss with their spring semester academic advisor.

In November, the Mentorship advisor will coordinate advising and registration for the students’ spring semester enrollment at AU in Washington, DC, as well as registration for spring semester campus housing. In addition, the advisor and professor will facilitate transition meetings for the cohort.

In January 2021, following move-in but prior to the start of classes, you will attend an American University January Orientation to help expand your knowledge of AU, its colleges and majors, the campus, and working with your new academic advisor and of course exploring Washington, DC.

Students have access to the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) on AU's campus. Students who would like to request accommodations for their time in UK will preregister and initially request accommodations through AU's ASAC. Once students receive information from AU's ASAC regarding approved accommodations, they will then work with the Mentorship Office and Bath Spa University in order to request accommodations for the semester abroad.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that facilities or support services will be available in UK in the same range and quality as on the AU campus.

Mentorship Program UK students will have access to BSU facilities and activities. These include computer labs, library, fitness center, resource centers, clubs, speakers, campus events, etc. Specifically, BSU’s Student Support Service has practitioners on staff that offer counseling and guidance to students. For students with disabilities, BSU also offers guidance and practical support to students. Additionally, BSU has a Writing and Learning Center that offers academic writing, reading, referencing and digital literacy assistance to students.

From September 14-18, students will participate in a pre-term trip to explore London. Students will meet at the designated location in London (more info to follow). On September 18, students will have an on-campus orientation at BSU to introduce them to campus, student services, BSU staff, and increase their familiarity with the city. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements to London from their home city.

Mentorship UK students will meet in London from their home city for a pre-term trip. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangement from their home city to London.

In December, students will travel together as a cohort to Washington, DC. The Mentorship Program will coordinate the flight back to DC (students cover flight expenses).

Students may have the option of changing the flight back to the US with a flight to their home city (with a fee to the student).

All students will need an updated passport that does not expire within 6 months of the start date of the program. Students should make sure their passports are in good condition, as damaged passports can be refused for travel use (at the airport in the US or upon entry in UK). Students who do not have a passport or who need a new passport should apply for one by June.

All students in the program will apply for a Short Term UK Study Visa in order to participate in the Mentorship Program UK. This visa allows students to study in the UK for the length of the program. Students will receive more information about the visa process in May. Students who travel internationally with their passport prior to the start of the Mentorship Program UK should contact the Mentorship Program office in May to discuss the logistics and timing of obtaining their visa.

Mentorship UK students live on-campus at BSU in flats/apartments. Each accommodation consists of suites with single bedrooms, private bathrooms, a shared kitchen, and a communal area for 8 -12 students.

Each student will receive a linen pack (sheets, towels, pillow, and comforter). However, students may also shop for room items once they arrive in UK. Each flat’s kitchen will have plates, eating and cooking utensils, pots/pans and one week of groceries upon arrival, so students will have several days before needing to shop for meals.

A meal plan of one meal per day in the campus cafeteria is included (M-F), and students will be responsible for their other meals (using the residence hall suite kitchen or on campus). The program professor will reside in Bath and have offices on the BSU campus for regular advising meetings with the students and classes. Over the summer, students in the program will receive more information about the residence hall, what items to pack, and other information.

Students are assigned to a campus flat/apartment with other students in the Mentorship UK cohort. All bedrooms are singles.

Bath, England has a population of 176,000 residents, of which 20,000 are college students. It is famous for the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, once home to author Jane Austen, and is a UNESCO World Heritage City. It is a cultural hub with music and comedy venues, festivals, museums, and great restaurants.

Included in the cost of the program is a pre-term excursion to London, a day trip to Stonehenge, as well as a weekend trip to London. Students can take personal trips as long as they do not conflict with their academic responsibilities and scheduled excursions with their cohort.

DC law and American University policy states that all students must have health insurance - through their parents or through AU. If you have insurance by way of your parent's plan or your own, you can waive AU Health Insurance through your myAU.american.edu portal. More information about the Student Health Center and insurance requirements is available on the website.

Mentorship UK students need to have their own international insurance that will provide coverage overseas. Students will also be enrolled in AU's Emergency Medical Insurance for international travel. However, this only covers students during the program dates and in the country of the program site (and is for emergencies only). While at BSU, Mentorship UK students will have access to the campus medical center, which is staffed by doctors and nurses. To use this service, students will need to register with the Medical Service when they arrive on campus. All study abroad students are required to have private health insurance for their time outside the US (see AU policy and DC law stated above). 

The tuition insurance is an optional tuition refund plan for students and parents. This private insurance program enhances American University's published refund policy, helping minimize financial losses should students suffer serious illness or accident that results in withdrawal from AU before the semester is completed. The insurance policy is elective and covers 75% of tuition. It does not cover the room, board, and excursion fees for the Mentorship Program UK.

The Bath Spa University Chaplaincy is represented by chaplains from the Anglican (Episcopalian), Catholic, and Methodist denominations. The Chaplaincy provides a unique, confidential space where worshipers and inquirers of all faiths can come and chat and spend time working through any issue they may have. They run a Soup Lunch every Thursday at noon that raises money for the WaterAid charity. If you are looking to connect with other faiths, you can contact the Student Support Team who can provide contact information and places for the Bath and Bristol areas.