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After you deposit for the Mentorship Program UK, if you do not have a passport, you will need to apply for one as soon as possible. If you already have a passport, please double check that it does not expire within 6 months of the start date of the program. Students also will want to make certain that their passport is in good condition, as damaged passports can be refused for use (at the airport or upon entry in the UK). Students who do not have a passport or who need a new passport should apply for one by May 2020.


All students are required to obtain a short term UK study visa prior to departure to UK, unless otherwise directed. More information about UK visas and entering the country will be available in May and June 2020.

Note: depending on the country of citizenship, international students may have additional requirements for a visa for the semester in UK. We advise you contact the UK Consulate in your country for information about visas and obtaining documentation to travel and study in the UK.

Travel to UK/Pre-term trip

From September 14-18, students will participate in a pre-term trip to explore London. Students will meet at the designated location in London (more info to follow). On September 18, students will have an on-campus orientation at BSU to introduce them to campus, student services, BSU staff, and increase their familiarity with the city. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements to London from their home city.

In December, students will travel together as a cohort to Washington, DC. The Mentorship Program will coordinate the flight back to DC (students cover flight expenses). Students may have the option of changing the flight back to the US with a flight to their home city (with a fee to the student).

Proof of Health Insurance/International Insurance

You will be required to secure international health insurance and to report your coverage information and any medical conditions (via AU forms) to American University and BSU. Students also will be enrolled in AU's emergency medical insurance for international travel. However, the student's own international insurance will be used as their primary policy that will provide coverage overseas, as the AU emergency insurance only covers emergencies during the program dates.


Students are strongly encouraged to disclose and preregister any documented accommodation requests with the American University Academic Support & Access Center (AU ASAC) at (202)885-3360.

Students will need to obtain an official letter from ASAC that will be forwarded to BSU to determine how requested accommodations will be arranged at BSU.


All students participating in the Mentorship Program UK are required to complete AU Forms for submission to the Mentorship Program Office in May and June. Failure to complete and submit any forms to AU may result in removal from the program.

These forms include:

  • Program Expectations
  • Consent & Release
  • Passport Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Disability Accommodation Request
  • Medical and Insurance Information
  • Student ID Card Photo Submission
  • FERPA Waiver
  • Permission to Travel
  • Visa & Residence Permit Procedure
  • AP/IB Scores (if applicable)

Students will be provided with more information about the forms and their due dates in May and June.

Visiting AU? Let us know!

We would like to meet you while on campus and share more information about the Mentorship Program. Contact us at 202-895-4936 or You can also sign-up for an American University tour and information session.