Fall 2018 Arrival Information

We're excited to welcome you to Washington, DC for the fall 2018 semester! More information about orientation will be posted in May. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding your upcoming semester please do not hesitate to contact our office at 202-895-4936.

Important Dates

August 17
International students may move in to Leonard Hall
August 18-19
Domestic students may move in to Leonard Hall
International Student Orientation
August 19-20
August Eagle Summit
Students who did not attend a June or July Eagle Summit session attend August Eagle Summit (on Sunday or Monday). Families are invited to attend. Students who attended a June or July Eagle Summit session have Sunday and Monday open to pick up AU IDs and take care of any outstanding items.
August 21
Washington Mentorship Orientation
Orientation activities on this day are required for all Washington Mentorship students. A detailed schedule will be available to students during the summer.
August 22-26
Welcome Week Activities
All Washington Mentorship students are highly encouraged to sign up for the Welcome Week Activities. Registrations will be available in mid-June.
August 27
Internship Fair and First Day of Class