Fall 2017 Estimated Costs 1

Tuition (Flat fee tuition for 12 to 17.5 credits)
$ 22,904.00
Required Full-Time Student Fees 2
$ 395.00
Residence Room Rate (per person, double room)
$ 4,949.00
Additional room options: Single room ($6,325.00) or Triple room ($3,693.00)
Meal Plan 2
$ 2,402.00
175 block plan plus $200 EagleBucks & $200 in Dining Dollars
Additional meal plan options: 200 block plan ($2,666.00), 225 block plan ($2,759.00), or 250 block plan ($3,000.00)

Total Cost Billed Through AU
$ 30,650.00

Additional Estimated Expenses to Be Considered

Approximately $200-$300
Transportation to Washington, D.C.
Transportation for trips during vacation/break periods
Social and cultural activities

Optional AU Insurance

Estimated Student Health Insurance Fee 3
Approximate coverage range 8/1/17-07/31/18
$ 1,750.00
Estimated Tuition Refund Insurance Fee 4
(per semester rate)
$ 120.00

1 Costs are estimated and are subject to change.
2 Meal plans are required for residential students. Students will automatically be enrolled in the 175 block Plan (plus $200 in EagleBucks and $200 in Dining Dollars). Students may change their plan to the 200, 225, or 250 block, if desired. (Unused EagleBucks do not expire, although the meal blocks do expire at the end of each semester.)
3 Student Health Insurance may be waived if student is covered under another plan. All students MUST complete a waiver form to avoid this fee.
4 The Student Tuition Refund Insurance is optional. Students will be charged a fee once they enroll in the plan.