Anne McKenna, WMP 2017 Wynantskill, NY

I picked the AU Mentorship Program because I wanted to utilize the incredible internship opportunities at AU and in the DC area as quickly as possible. I interned for the US Senate, where I attended hearings and briefings for staff members, dealt with constituent communication and gave constituent tours of the US Capitol. I am currently a member of the College Democrats on campus, and will be interning for Let America Vote, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting voter suppression over the summer.

Darien Fiorino, WMP 2017Hillsdale, NJ

I picked the AU Mentorship Program because I felt confident that I would be able to land an internship at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, and I spent all summer networking to make obtaining an internship as easy as possible. I landed a production internship for a live web series, "Smithsonian Science How." Over the past few months, I have accrued responsibilities ranging from video editing, to directing, to script writing, to animating, to floor managing the live shows. In the near future, my mentor and I have discussed the possibility of a paid internship and potentially placing me in front of the camera. On campus, I am involved in AU Players, a student run theater company, and have participated in a few productions with them.

Davin Rose, WMP 2017Ellensburg, WA

I picked this program because I wanted to study Political Science and saw this as an amazing opportunity. This program also gave me an advantage – achieving an internship my first semester of college. Working on Capitol Hill has given me valuable firsthand experience to carry through the rest of my career. I interned for Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, and through this I was able to gain insight to how our political system actually works, and my experiences here have shaped what I want to study the remainder of college.

Haruka Sato, WMP 2017 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

I picked DC because of the location and AU, and specifically the Washington Mentorship Program because of the opportunity it gave me. Not only did I learn about the process of applying for internships, but I was able to learn what it was like to work in an office environment during my first year of college. With the program, I felt ahead with building my resume compared to my friends. This experience made me realize the importance of internships. I am now looking for opportunities in Taiwan and Japan for the summer.

Sophia Elton, WMP 2017Medway, MA

I enrolled in the Washington Mentorship Program because it gave me the opportunity to gain actual work experience in DC as a freshman in college, which is pretty remarkable. I interned at the Environmental Protection Agency and provided assistance in the Human Resources and Administration Division. Currently, I am studying to graduate with a degree in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG) and a minor in French. The Washington Mentorship Program provided me with the best experience I could have had during my first semester at AU.

Sarah Levin, WMP 2016Northbrook, IL

My name is Sarah Levin and I chose the Washington Mentorship Program because I liked the idea of a close knit community. In Mentorship, the students take classes together and I met my best friends in the program. Further, I attained networking skills that I used to get another internship. I am currently an digital marketing intern with SEPA Power and I am still on track to graduate in 2020. Moreover, I am a history major and a marketing minor and I am also the philanthropy chair of my sorority.

Xiaoqin (Sherry) Gui, WMP 2016Chongqing, China

I decided to enroll in the Washington Mentorship Program in fall 2016 because it was a rare and great opportunity for a freshman to have an internship experience. I interned as a graphic designer at STEMconnector and gained lots of practical skills and got to know the industry before even starting to take major classes. Also because of Mentorship, I am familiar with the process of applying for internships or jobs and definitely more confident when applying for other internships later. Now I am trying to keep myself active around campus as well as work with different groups to improve myself.

Eli Hernandez, WMP 2016Flemington, NJ

Before coming to AU I wasn't sure about the Mentorship Program, I never heard about it before I opened my acceptance letter and I was skeptical, but as soon as I arrived at AU, I knew I made the right choice. Looking back now, I know the Mentorship Program truly fostered skills and characteristics which have been essential to my professional and personal development. It was honestly the best way to start college.

Elissa Baum, WMP 2015Buffalo, NY

I fell in love with AU because of the size, location, and incredibly strong academic programs. I have always wanted to pursue a career in Public Relations, and the Mentorship Program gave me a solid foundation to be able to do so. Having an internship so early on in college gives you a great step-up among others. Having internship experience also allowed me to excel in my classes in a way I didn't know was possible.

Nijel Taylor, WMP 2015Hughesville, MD

The reason why I picked AU to be the college for me is because it was in a city area and they had the right subjects that I want to major in. AU is a good environment and I have learned a lot while being in the Mentorship Program such as learning how to write better professional resumes and cover letters.

Samantha Danzinger, WMP 2015Solon, OH

I participated in the Washington Mentorship Program because I loved the idea that I was able to be a full time student and have an internship all within my first semester of freshman year. I interned at a school in Onley, Maryland teaching Spanish to students in grades K-8. Overall, I had the best first semester that I could have possibly imagined and I am so glad that I decided to participate in the Mentorship Program in fall 2015.

Nazli Togrul, WMP 2015Izmir, Turkey

After being accepted for the spring 2016 semester at AU, I chose to do the Washington Mentorship Program, as it gave me the opportunity that most freshman do not get- to intern during their first year. I had the opportunity to intern at Voice of America in the Turkish Service. I am now finding different ways to get involved on campus, and I started this by joining Greek Life, as well as the different student media organizations.

Maryam Yamadi, WMP 2014Raleigh, NC

My name is Maryam Yamadi and I am a Chemistry major. I originally was interested in AU for its science program and the WMP was an added bonus. During my first semester I was able to intern at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association which taught me a lot and was great to have so early in my college experience. This semester I have begun volunteering with DC Reads while trying to expand my clinical experience to get into medical school.

Willow Karfiol, WMP 2014Los Angeles, CA

I chose WMP because it was a unique opportunity to get the chance to work in a professional setting, discover DC, and work on my networking skills. For my internship, I worked at a non-profit political organization called No Labels in Georgetown, which focuses on getting rid of the gridlock in Congress. Currently, I am in a social sorority (Sigma Delta Tau), a pre-professional fraternity (Phi Alpha Delta/Pre-law), and AU Dems.

Morgan Taylor

WMP 2013/AU 2017
Fairport, NY

Sarah Basilion

WMP 2012/AU 2016
Sterling, NJ

Sophia Pappalardo

WMP 2011/AU 2015
Durham, NC

William Erickson

WMP 2009/AU 2013
La Jolla, CA

Devon Swift

WMP 2008/AU 2012
Sparta, NJ

Anna Cullen

WMP 2008/AU 2012
Atlanta, GA

Emily Roseman

WMP 2008/AU 2012
Fairfield, CT

Beeta Rafiekian

WMP 2006/AU 2010
Potomac, MD