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UM in DC: Curriculum


The UM in DC Program is comprised of a fifteen credit semester; a six credit UM-taught course, and three AU classes worth three credits each: the mentored field practicum, a college writing course, and elective of your choice.

The UM credits will be divided into two course topics that will be taught by a team of professors from the University of Miami who will alternate flying up to join you in DC each week.

In College Writing, you will enhance your language skills and adjust to writing for your college classes. This class will be taught by American University faculty, and will fulfill one of your english class requirements at the University of Miami.

You will also be able to select one elective course from a list of American University’s range of offerings in different fields. This file requires Adobe Acrobat. This course will be pre-approved by the University of Miami, so its equivalency will transfer smoothly for spring semester.

Finally, you will enroll in the Mentored Field Practicum. One component of this course of study consists of meetings held every other week as a class with your faculty advisor. These meetings consist of discussions that will enhance your professional development. The other component is your off-site work experience as an intern two days a week in any of the thousands of offices that provide internships in D.C. every semester.

You will experience a rich and rigorous curriculum and internship. An example of a typical class week is available online. This file requires Adobe Acrobat.

And best of all? All of these credits will be part of your academic transcript at the University of Miami, keeping you on track to graduate! UM in DC is a University of Miami program. Students enrolled in the UM in DC Program will not be permitted to transfer to American University at the conclusion of the semester.