We are pleased to welcome you to American University and the Washington Semester Program. You will soon be immersed in the nation's capital-the informational capital of the world and one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States.  This web page will guide you through your next steps as you prepare to join your Washington Semester Program cohort soon.


To enroll in the Washington Semester program, please submit your enrollment deposit of $400 online:

  1. Create your myau.american.edu account using your AU ID, which can be found in your acceptance email.
  2. Login to your myAU portal account and go directly to Eagle Finance. Pay your deposit by e-check or credit card.

Please note that this deposit is nonrefundable and will be held in your student account to be credited toward your tuition.

Class Registration

After your deposit has been processed, your advisor will contact you with information on how to register for classes. In the interim you can sign up for personalized Internship Advising.

Rules and Regulations

All students must adhere to the American University Academic Integrity Code and Undergraduate Student Regulations. Please make sure to review this information before courses begin.

Fall and Spring Students

Consent and Pre-Registration Form

The WSP Academic Advisor will send the WSP Registration Checklist as you prepare for your semester. After you have read the Registration Checklist and confirmed your course selection with your home school advisors, use your myAU username and password to access and complete the WSP Consent & Pre-Registration Form. Our staff will register you for classes according to your responses.

Summer Students

Authorization and Pre-Registration Form

Once you have confirmed your course selection, use your myAU username and password to access the Authorization & Pre-Registration Form.

After you have successfully submitted this form, our staff will register you according to your responses.

schedule an appointment with:

Amy Morrill Bijeau
Director of Experiential Education
(202) 895-4967

Find an Internship that Suits You

Internship Web for Students (Login and look for internships)
Career Values Self Assessment

Career Center Resources

Resume Guidance
Cover Letter Tips
Interview Preparation
AU Career Center Calendar

Internship FAQ's

Why do an internship?

Now more than ever, employers are highly selective about whom they hire. Virtually all hiring managers prefer to hire graduates who bring real-world experience to their organization. In very real terms, a degree alone may just not be enough to land your dream job. Internships do more than just look good on your resume.

You can test-drive the career path that interests you most. You can build a network of professional and personal contacts; develop the skills employers are seeking; and build confidence, motivation and professional work habits you need to excel. Ultimately, an internship can get your foot in the door with major companies or influential organizations. More employers each year hire their interns as full-time employees after graduation.

How does an internship build a career?

In Washington, D.C., you have unparalleled access to internships. These opportunities enable you to enrich your education with high-impact experiences and to apply classroom lessons in professional settings. SPExS internships polish your job search skills and professional abilities.

Fifty percent of the time, interns report that their professional experiences affirm their career aspirations. However, learning what you dislike in a position, organization, or field is equally valuable. So too is developing new skills, expanding your list of achievements, and building relationships with professionals.

The more internship experience you have, the more qualified you will find yourself for future internships and jobs. Therefore, your SPExS internship will help you explore a wide variety of opportunities and launch you into your future career.

SPExS internship supervisors offer students challenging assignments as well as valuable industry and organizational insights. If you excel in your position, you can expect to walk away with tangible work samples, positive recommendations, and polished interpersonal skills. Perhaps you may even receive a job offer at the conclusion of your internship, as some our SPExS alumni have.

What steps can I take to make the most of my internship?

From your interview to your exit, actively listen and reflect what you hear. Be inquisitive; ask questions for clarification. Keep your supervisor informed about your progress and activities. Seek feedback and receive it in a gracious, professional manner.

  1. Initiate: Don't wait for assignments during a lull. See what needs attention and offer to help.
  2. Respect: From the executives on down, show respect for all of your colleagues and value each person's contributions.
  3. Reflect: Take the time to think about what you're learning - not just about the organization, industry, or projects, but about yourself.
  4. Thank: Appreciate the opportunities and support that you receive throughout your internship and always send a farewell message to your colleagues, not just your supervisor, extending your gratitude for the experience. In turn, your supervisor may show thanks to you by offering a letter of recommendation for you to share with future employers.

At every stage, the internship experience presents an opportunity to teach you new skills and insights about yourself as well as the real world. You may spend the first few weeks getting acquainted with your co-workers and familiarizing yourself with office protocol. During the introductory phase, you may encounter limited opportunity for creative input. As time passes however, the nature of assignments may change and the level of responsibility may increase. Ask for more assignments and contribute your ideas. Find mentors and make sure your colleagues see you as the "go-to" intern. As you adjust to the office, realize that many interns (and many staff members) perform a certain amount of clerical work. Program standards require that clerical duties are limited to a maximum of 40% of your work. You internship is what you make it; SPExS will help you experience a high-impact educational outcome.

Fall and Spring


Traditional Residence Hall: Leonard Hall

On Campus • Meal Plan Required
Leonard Hall is home to a diverse population of students, housing approximately 275 residents. The building has a traditional residence hall design with corridor-style and shared floor bathrooms. Each floor community has a central lounge space with a kitchen, lounge furniture, and television for students to study or socialize with their community. A student computer lab on the first floor supports Internet and printing needs. Each floor also has a laundry room. The Cassell Fitness Center, open to all AU students, is across the street. Leonard overlooks the Woods Brown Amphitheatre, a peaceful and eventful green space for the AU community. Leonard is also home to The Hatch, a community space that provides many opportunities for social and educational events and programs.

In-hall staff include Resident Assistants (RAs) and a Community Director (CD). Leonard's seven RAs live in the building, acting as peer educators and helping residents connect to their community. The Leonard community has one CD, a professional, live-in staff member who works with RAs to foster a living-learning environment to bridge the academic and residential experience.

Each resident will be provided with a standard twin mattress and bed frame, a dresser or built-in drawers, a desk and desk chair, a bookcase, and built-in shelves.

Images: Traditional double accommodation

AU-Affiliated Apartment: The Frequency

Near Tenleytown Metro
American University leases apartments at the nearby Frequency apartments. Each small studio apartment is fully furnished. The Frequency is located on the AU campus shuttle line and is a short walk from the Tenleytown-AU Metro Station. It is also in close proximity to numerous Tenleytown restaurants and businesses including Whole Foods, CVS, and the Container Store.

Each resident of the Frequency is provided a bed frame, standard twin mattress, night stand, desk (free-standing or built-in), desk chair, and dresser set. The apartments also include the following amenities: kitchen with stainless steel appliances, closet storage, washer/dryer unit, full bathroom, and digital thermostat. All Frequency residents have access to the following community amenities: 24/7 staffed front desk, secure main entrance and student apartments, mail and package delivery, private and group study spaces, rooftop patio, a gym, indoor bike storage, on-site parking at an additional cost, and dry-cleaning services at an additional cost.

This studio floor plan is representative of available apartments, but actual floor plans may vary in specific layout and size.

Images: A gallery of the community lounge, study room, fitness center, roof desk, and a sample kitchen

Off-Campus Housing

Private and Independently Arranged
View the information here provided by AU Housing & Residence Life for students looking to live off campus. Learn more about navigating the search process, living in the city, staying involved on campus, and using resources related to your student rights as a tenant. Be sure to read your lease and any other documents closely before signing.

AU Housing Rates

All rates are per person and per semester.

Double-Occupancy On-Campus Residence Hall Room: $4,998
Double-Occupancy AU-Affiliated Small Studio Apartment: $6,016-6,684
Single-Occupancy On-Campus Residence Hall Room*: $6,388

* Single-occupancy rooms are reserved for students who have requested disability accommodations through American University's Academic Support & Access Center.


Watch your AU email for important updates about the upcoming fall 2019 housing deadline.

Meal Plans

Students living in a university residence hall will be automatically enrolled in a meal plan, which is required for on-campus residents. Additional information will be provided over the summer.

If you will live in the Frequency or in independently arranged off-campus housing and would like to enroll in a meal plan, you must sign up online through the myAU Portal (under the "Life @ AU" heading select "One Card & Dining Services" and then "Meal Plan Portal") before September 10, 2019, for fall 2019.

Any changes to fall 2019 meal plans must be made by September 10, 2019.

For students not required to purchase a meal plan, AU EagleBuck$ can be used at a number of off-campus eateries as well as on-campus. It is possible to purchase EagleBuck$ without purchasing a meal plan. Unused EagleBuck$ are refundable at the end of the semester; however, unused meal swipes are not refundable.

Visit the Dining Services homepage for details about current plans and costs.


Contact the Student Services team for cancellation information.


Summer 2019 Housing Options

On-Campus Housing Costs

Double occupancy
(per person/per week):
$322.00 weekly / $46.00 daily

Meal Plans

These are the meal plan options available to summer students:

100 Block Plan + $50 EagleBucks:
$1,249.00 ($11.99/meal)
75 Block Plan + $50 EagleBucks:
$969.00 ($12.25/meal)
50 Block Plan + $25 EagleBucks:
$649.00 ($12.48/meal)
25 Block Plan + $25 EagleBucks:
$349.00 (412.96/meal)

Rates are per student and subject to change. Unused meals and/or EagleBuck$ can be refunded up to 7 days after check-in date. No cancellation or refund of meal plans after the seventh day. Unused EagleBuck$ over $5.00 may be refunded at the end of the summer by emailing eaglebucks@american.edu.

AU EagleBucks can be used at a number of off-campus eateries as well as on campus, listed here.

A La Carte Rates (Tax Not Included)


Rates are per student and subject to change.


The summer housing application deadline is May 15, 2019.


Cancellations of on-campus housing received prior to receiving a room assignment and no less than 14 days prior to the check-in date requested on the housing application will receive the $200 cancellation fee assessed to your student account.

Cancellations received after receiving a room assignment but before checking in will cause your application and room assignment to be cancelled and the charges for the room to be replaced with the $200 cancellation fee on your student account.

If you request to cancel your university housing after having checked in, you will be responsible for full payment of the requested length of stay as indicated on your housing application and/or any approved extension exceptions.

Health Insurance Requirements

Washington Semester students must purchase American University Health Insurance or verify that their own alternative insurance meets the coverage requirements listed below.

Purchase AU Health Insurance

Students are automatically enrolled in the American University health insurance plan after their course registration has been processed by the WSP staff. If you would like to keep this insurance plan, please create your account at www.carefirst.com/AU. If you would like to waive the AU health insurance plan because you already have comparable insurance, follow the steps under Waive AU Health Insurance.

AU Health Insurance Premiums

Fall 2019
Spring 2020
Summer 2020


AU Health Insurance Benefit Details

Below is American University health insurance information you can use to compare your current insurance with the insurance plan offered by American University. You can find detailed plan information here.

Overall Plan Maximum
There is no overall maximum dollar limit on the policy.
$200 In Network; $500 Out of Network
20% In Network; 40% Out of Network
Individual Out-of-Pocket Maximum
$6,350 per benefit period
Prescription Drug Coverage
$10 generic, $35 brand, $50 for non-preferred brand
Emergency Coverage Overseas
Coverage while in Washington, DC

If you have been assessed the premium for the AU student health insurance plan and want to accept the coverage, please go to www.carefirst.com/AU and create your account. By creating your account, your coverage will become active as of August 1, 2019.

If you do not create your account nor submit the waiver, your coverage will not become effective until you activate your account or until the waiver closes, and the charge will remain on your student account. You will not be able to print out an insurance card or access pharmacy benefits until approximately three weeks into the semester.


Alternate Health Insurance

Private insurance plans should meet the following criteria in order to qualify for a waiver of the American University sponsored student health insurance plan:

  • Alternate insurance plans must be provided by a company licensed to do business in the United Statues with a U.S. claims payment office, a U.S. phone number, and a U.S. address. The company must have a process to remit claims costs to providers within the U.S.
  • Alternate insurance plans must provide coverage for both in-patient and out-patient medical care in the Washington, DC, area, including but not limited to routine care, specialist office visits, diagnostic testing, and imaging.
  • Alternate insurance plans must provide for both in-patient and out-patient mental health care in the Washington, DC, area.
  • Alternate insurance plans must not limit coverage to Emergency or Urgent medical or mental health care in the Washington, DC, area.
  • Alternate insurance plans must not have a maximum dollar limit that the insurance will pay for medical claims.
  • Alternate insurance plans must not exclude coverage for the following:
    • Pre-existing conditions (or the plan must have been in effect long enough that any waiting period has passed).
    • Conditions related to depression, eating disorders, suicide attempts or counseling, and drug or alcohol counseling/treatment.
    • Congenital and non-congenital mental health conditions.
    • Sports injuries, alcohol-related injuries or conditions, pregnancies, eating disorders.
  • Additional requirements exist for international students on AU-sponsored visas; please see here.

Waive AU Health Insurance

If your plan meets the above requirements, you can waive the AU student health insurance.

  1. Receive your Registration Confirmation email from WSP staff. (This is not the same as the pre-registration form submission confirmation. You will not be able to waive the health insurance until your registration has been finalized by WSP staff, which happens several weeks after submission of the pre-registration form.)
  2. Visit www.carefirst.com/AU.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts and submit the waiver.

If your waiver is approved, the student health insurance premium will be removed from your student account and you will receive a confirmation email. It is imperative that you save and print a copy of this email.

Frequently Asked Question

I tried to enter my seven-digit AU ID but was unable to login to the waiver system. Why is that?

You will be able to access it after you have received the WSP Registration Confirmation email. If you are still unable to enter the waiver system, check your account activity under Eagle Finance in the myAU portal to ensure you have been assessed the health insurance charge. If you have recently been assessed the charge, you may need to wait up to 48 hours to gain access to the waiver. If you continue to experience log-in issues, please contact the WSP Student Services team at spexsstudentservices@american.edu.

American University offers Allianz Tuition Insurance provided by GradGuard™, a service of Next Generation Group.

  • Flexible coverage up to $50,000
  • Cost of insurance depends on amount of coverage purchased
  • Price is based on cost of non-refundable tuition, fees, room and board
  • Insurance is paid directly to GradGuard and cannot be added to AU student account. 
  • Insurance must be purchased BEFORE the first day of classes.
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • For complete information and quote – visit the GradGuard website.

Immunization Requirements

All students under age 26 (except for students who meet statutory requirements for exemption based upon religious or medical reason) must provide proof of the below listed immunizations prior to registration.

Students from overseas should note that all required vaccinations will need to be up-to-date before enrolling in American University, even if the stated vaccinations are not required in your home country.

Documenting Your Immunizations

Mandatory Immunization Form

The Mandatory Immunization Form is the only form that will be accepted as proof of vaccination and must be submitted directly to the Student Health Center. Incomplete information or invalid dates on this form will prevent you from being allowed to attend classes.

Form Submission

  1. Please first obtain any needed immunizations.
  2. Then download, print and complete the form below with your medical provider.
  3. Upload your form at american.studenthealthportal.com via Document Uploads or email your form as a PDF to immunizations@american.edu. Remember to keep a copy for your records.

Required Immunizations

  1. One Tetanus and Diphtheria booster given within the past ten years. (Tdap is recommended.)
  2. Two vaccinations against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), given after age one and at least 30 days apart.
  3. Two vaccinations against Varicella (Chickenpox) given at least 30 days apart, or a history of Chickenpox verified by titer results. DC requires two doses of the Varicella vaccine regardless of the age the student was first vaccinated.
  4. Three vaccinations against Hepatitis B, dose 2 given thirty days after dose 1, dose 3 given four months after dose 2.
  5. Any first year student living in university sponsored housing must be immunized against Meningitis or sign a waiver stating they have read and understand the risks of the disease and do not wish to be immunized.
  6. Any student under the age of 18 must show proof of being vaccinated against Polio.
  7. If you have received immunizations that do not fall into the immunization schedule above (for instance receiving an immunization a week early or a month late) you will need to provide proof results showing immunity.

Religious or Medical Exemption

  • Religious exemption is allowed if a religious leader provides a detailed letter indicating that the immunizations violate his or her parishioner's religious beliefs.
  • Medical exemption is allowed if a medical professional provides a detailed letter indicating that immunizations are medically inadvisable.
  • Both kinds of letters should be addressed to the President of American University, as head of the institution and emailed to immunizations@american.edu.

The Washington Semester Program offers partial scholarship funding to qualified students to facilitate their participation in our programs. Visit the Scholarships page to fill out the scholarship application and view details about current scholarships and work awards.

  1. Please log into EagleService using your myAU username and password.
  2. For additional instructions, you may view a video tutorial.

Home School Billing

Students who pay all or part of their charges to their home school will be sent separate billing instructions and information from Washington Semester Program staff.

Questions about your Bill?

Donna Chapman Williams
Assistant Dean of Student Services
Tel: (202) 895-4912
Email: dchapma@american.edu

You may also contact the Washington Semester Admissions team, Emily Aronoff or Samara Chamble. They will be happy to assist you with your questions.