Your Washington Semester Program experience is based on a seminar and an internship that is related to your field of interest.

Immersive Seminar 8 credits

Local, national, and global experts lead immersive seminars in which you explore key issues in your field. Witness first-hand how non-profits, businesses, government agencies and international organizations turn theory into practice. Our prominent guest speakers present passionate viewpoints and are invited to challenge your personal perspective.

Seminars hone your professional skills through innovative assignments such as: applied learning activities, business plan development, service-learning, and use of media and simulations.

Internship 4 credits

We provide you with an instant network of organizations to look through. Six to eight weeks before the semester begins, you'll gain access to all of the internships in our database that are relevant to the program into which you have been accepted. We'll give you all the information you need about each organization, including descriptions of internship positions and address and phone numbers for our contacts. You can start your search right away, or wait until you arrive in D.C. Either way, you'll have nearly two weeks at the beginning of the semester to attend interviews and make your selection. We suggest you have at least three interviews. Before you arrive, we will also provide you with resources to help you write an effective résumé and cover letter. To learn more about the process of acquiring an internship, please visit the Internships page.

Research or Elective Course3 or 4 Credits

You have the option of choosing to conduct an in-depth research project using Washington, D.C. as a laboratory of information or to take an elective class from AU's hundreds of offerings to fulfill an academic requirement from your home school.

Member school students should check with their member school representative to see if their school requires students to conduct a research project while in the program.

International students (from non-U.S. universities) enrolling in a non-WSP elective will incur additional per-credit fees.

Fall 2017 Deadline Extended to Aug 1

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