Washington Semester Program student Bita Kavoosi enjoys some delicious food with a friend in Washington DC

Bita Kavoosi

International Law & Organizations

February 8, 2018 | Hey! My name is Bita Kavoosi, and I'm an international political economy major from Colorado College! My concentration in the WSP is International Law and Organizations, and I'm passionate about climate and migration related issues. I love going to group fitness classes (especially Zumba), watching sitcoms, and driving my '06 Tahoe named the Aquamarine Enforcer.

The adjustment to D.C. was, and continues to be, interesting. Because I want to explore the new city I'm in, my friends and I are always eating out. We all got the cheapest meal plans possible (obviously) which means we have to eat out more, not that I'm complaining. I consider myself a foodie, and make it a point to eat at the most recommended, random, and hidden places I can find in any city I visit. I also go to food festivals frequently, and am looking forward to attending one of those. I'm trying to be healthy this semester, so I'm working out frequently and eating healthy foods almost exclusively. D.C. has good healthy options, and I've noticed that they're usually clustered together throughout the city.

My internship is right next to Union Station, which is really convenient for several reasons. First, since my internship requires me to go to a lot of events around D.C., I can stop at intern row or at the shops at Union Station to buy food on my way back to the office, and eat it at my nice big desk while reviewing my event notes. Second, Union Station's food is both really good and healthy, since it has all the places I expect the aforementioned healthy food clusters to have: Roti, Chopt, Chipotle, and Cava.

As I mentioned, my meal plan doesn't have a lot of money on it, so my friends and I spend our weekends eating out and exploring our new city. Last Saturday, we went to brunch at Ted's Bulletin before going to the National Gallery of Art and the Capitol, after which we finally went home. Ted's Bulletin was a recommendation from one of my home school friends, and we did well to listen to him; the pancakes I had were unhealthy, fattening, and delicious.

Cat, owned by a friend of Washington Semester Program student Bita Kavoosi Last Monday, one of my friends at Colorado College, my home school, who lives in D.C. took me to dinner with her family, and I tried Peking duck for the first time. It was so good, words can't do it justice. I cannot emphasize how good it was. I also met her lovely cat Scout for the first time, which is something I've been looking forward to for two years. I don't know what made me happier, the duck or the cat.

Most recently, we went to Wicked Waffle and visited the Washington Monument, the World War 2 Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. Between memorials, we stopped at two different protests, one supporting trans lives, and the other opposing the Muslim ban. D.C. is truly amazing; it is the nexus of both activism and reunions. While at the protest supporting trans lives, I saw my cousin whom I hadn't seen in over a year, who goes to GWU. We hugged, I cried, and we made plans for dinner this week.

While I know that my descriptions so far have made me seem like I do nothing but break my diet, workout, go to class, and intern, I promise I do more than that. You might be thinking, "wow, you already have so much on your plate already, Bita!" It's true, I do. I have a lot of salad on my plate. That's why I have two plates.

Participants in the 2018 Women's March On the second plate is all the exploring (read: getting lost) and being with friends. I do both in the city and on campus. On Thursday night, after my #BlackLivesMatter and Beyond elective course from 5:30-8 P.M., my friend Wes and I rushed to a cardboard boat building race at Bender Arena's pool. We were joined by Kala and Chris, who were our moral support, later on in the night. Wes was very into building the boat, but our boat was the worst. It collapsed upon water impact, but it was a valiant effort on Wes' part. In fact, the team that joined with only ten minutes left to build their boat got first place, when Wes spent the entire allotted time building his. An unexpected phenomenon: The teams won in reverse order of when they started their boat building, with only one exception. The people in this program are fun to get lost with, and I look forward to taking more Ls than ever before with them.