Mirela on the set of Fox News. Mirela Spasova Global Entrepreneurship & Business | Journalism & New Media

October 8, 2018 | Within the span of just two weeks I was at the set of a Fox News evening show with Tucker Carlson; had the opportunity to meet with Michael Isikoff, a New-York-Times best-selling author; heard from JJ Green at WTOP radio station speaking on key news happening now both in DC and worldwide; visited Politico and got to know some behind-the-scenes insights on how a story is produced; met with White House reporters; and last but not least, met great entrepreneurs, who are transforming not only the DC scene but also driving changes worldwide by contributing to global issues. Nothing short of amazing stories!

Mirela and fellow students with Fox News Anchor, Tucker Carlson‬It’s tremendously exciting to be here, to absorb what’s happening and learn from it. I’ve been to a lot of places in different countries, but there isn’t a better place to be than in someone’s personal story. All of the people I am meeting, from professors, friends, classmates, and colleagues to politicians, entrepreneurs, reporters, authors, etc. bring different experiences and perspectives to the table. At WSP I’ve been crossing paths every day with people who not only trigger my interest in unexpected fields but who also make me question and doubt what I know and what I see. The people I am meeting encourage me to find my original voice, to speak up, to challenge myself, to go beyond my expectations and boundaries of previous habits, to make me a better thinker and a better person.

Mirela at her internship site, 1776.‬Thinking back over what has been going on at my internship at 1776, I would say it has been very, very dynamic! Last week, I was interviewing the founders of the new companies that just joined our accelerator program about their personal lives before becoming entrepreneurs and how they came up with the ideas to found their own companies. Many of them left their previous jobs and dedicated themselves to innovations in different fields. They are tackling issues such as gaps in the education system and character development of middle school and high school students, women’s safety, life expectancy of black men, food waste, personal development of future health care workers, etc. It was very interesting, and sometimes even funny, to hear what the “aha-moment” of each one of them was, the moment when they decided to create a whole new company with a certain mission. Funny in the sense of “Oh no, that can’t be true, what a coincidence!” Keep an open mind – you never know when an opportunity is calling!

(By the way, I would be remiss not to mention the very lovely Georgetown neighborhood. I’ve discovered a new place there: Martin’s Tavern. It’s the restaurant where John F. Kennedy proposed to Jaqueline on June 24, 1953. It has happened at the table right next to the one I was sitting at with my friends!)

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The Jefferson Memorial near the Tidal Basin in Washington DC Mirela Spasova Global Entrepreneurship & Business | Journalism & New Media

September 24, 2018 | Hello everyone, I am Mirela! Only half a world away from home, here I am, taking part in the Washington Semester Program (WSP) at American University. Even though I am majoring in Communications and Media Studies at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Germany, I am also very interested in international relations and economic and social development. That’s why I decided to take the Global Entrepreneurship & Business and Journalism in Washington seminars at WSP.

Ever since I heard about the Washington Semester Program, I have been very excited about expanding my practical skills in both of these areas and using the whole city of DC as my class-room. I have the privilege of being in the political capital of the world and one of the most powerful cities in that sense. This is where nation’s law is made, where global policy is shaped, and inter-national news happens every day. It’s a great place to be in terms of experiencing journalistic life from the front seat! I am very curious to know more about how media reacts to as well as shapes American politics, and I am glad to be here to discover the answers. We have already met a few well-renowned journalists who covered topics on the importance of media and who definitely in-spired me!

The National Geographic MuseumThere isn’t actually a major industry or profession not influenced by the decisions made in Washington, DC, which also makes it a crucial place to study Global Entrepreneurship. It is not enough to have an idea of how you want the world to change; what is more important is how you are going to successfully bring your vision and mission to life. That’s the beauty I see in entrepreneurship and what inspires me to study it. Some of the most successful start-ups, such as Apple, Google, Uber, AirBnB, etc., have their origins precisely in the United States. What’s the common thing behind their stories of success? In my Global Entrepreneurship class I will have the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of many issues faced by entrepreneurs and multinational firms, including strategy, decision making, finance, ethics, and organization.

A great way to blend theoretical aspects with practical experience will be my practicum at 1776, the Northeast Corridor’s largest entrepreneurial incubator. It provides start-ups with access to knowledge, mentorship, capital, markets, and talent they need in order to succeed and reach their full potential. I am really passionate about contributing to solving global issues and having a long-lasting social impact, so I am curious to discover different entrepreneurial opportunities to do so. It’s all about bringing #IdeasIntoAction!

National Geographic Museum in DuPont CircleIn the past three weeks, I’ve also had the chance to get to know the city and its many facets better. It was interesting to discuss with my class and professor the history of US business, economic, and foreign policy as we visited era-relevant monuments including the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the Old Post Office Tower. The National Press Club, one of the nation’s leading conference centers, has a stunning collection of pictures from events held there with global leaders in government, politics, business, music, film, and sports that really fascinated me! As a huge fan of National Geographic, there was no way I could miss a visit its headquarters on 17th Street. I have also been enjoying the wide range of cultural expressions along the streets in political Downtown, Alexandria’s beautiful waterfront, nightlife’s Adams Morgan, and charming Georgetown. (Yes, I tried the famous Georgetown Cupcakes, and yes, they are really good!)

I am passionate about meeting new people and getting as lost as possible in cities I’ve never been to before. Well, in Washington, DC, it’s very easy to get lost because of its diamond shape with logically structured streets. But it is full of hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path places to explore, which makes me very excited about what is ahead in the next couple of months!