Tuition and costs are dependent on partner school status. We encourage you to always consult with your home school for your tuition rate and policies regarding off-campus study.

Our goal is to have a tuition rate in a range close to your home school’s tuition rate for a semester of study. Therefore, you will notice that we offer a three tiered tuition pricing model that aligns with the tuition of our many partner schools.

Tuition & Costs

American University Tuition Rate per Semester 12-17 AU credits

Partner School Tuition Tiers

Tier 1
$17,178 for schools with tuition rates below 75% of current AU tuition.
Tier 2
Home School rate for schools with home school tuition rates greater than $17,178, but less than AU's rate.
Tier 3
AU prevailing undergraduate tuition rate of $22,904 for schools with home school tuition rates at or greater than AU's rate.

Required Student Fees

Technology Fee
Student Activity Fee
Sports Center Fee
U*Pass (University Pass) Transportation Program 1

1Flat fee for unlimited Metrorail and Metrobus transportation during Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 semester (estimated savings of over $500 per semester for Washington Semester students) for travel to/from internship sites, guest speakers, site visits and classes on campus.

Housing Options

Berkshire Studio Apartment (Double Occupancy)
Berkshire Small One-Bedroom Apartment (Double Occupancy)
Berkshire Medium/Large One-Bedroom Apartment (Double Occupancy)
Traditional-style (Single Occupancy) Room with community bathroom 2
Traditional-style (Double Occupancy) Room with community bathroom
Traditional-style (Triple Occupancy) Room with community bathroom

2 Priority for single occupancy housing is given to students approved for disability-related accommodations by American University's Academic Support & Access Center. Learn about the process for requesting disability-related housing accommodations.

Meal Plan Options

250 Block (w/ $200 EagleBucks & $200 Dining Dollars)
225 Block (w/ $200 EagleBucks & $200 Dining Dollars)
200 Block (w/ $200 EagleBucks & $200 Dining Dollars)
175 Block (w/ $200 EagleBucks & $200 Dining Dollars)
125 Block (w/ $200 EagleBucks & $200 Dining Dollars)
100 Block (w/ $200 EagleBucks & $200 Dining Dollars) 3
50 Block (w/ $100 Dining Dollars)

3 Students living on campus are required to enroll in a minimum of 100-block meal plan; Berkshire and off-campus residents are not required to purchase a university meal plan. The 50-block meal plan is only available for students living in the Berkshire Apartments or offcampus on their own.

Health Insurance

AU Health Insurance - Fall only
Must be waived prior to September 16, 2017 to avoid fee
AU Health Insurance - Spring/Summer
AU Health Insurance - Full year
August 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018 for students who enroll

Health insurance is required for all students at AU. Students with private insurance may waive the AU health insurance to avoid charges; students should submit the waiver prior to the start of the semester to have the charge removed. Final waiver deadline is September 22, 2017. Fall 2017 health insurance is effective August 1 through December 18, 2017 for students who enroll in the plan. Students who do not submit the waiver nor the enrollment form will be auto-enrolled in the plan, which will be effective starting on September 22, 2017, for auto-enrolled students.

Estimated Tuition Refund Insurance

Tuition Refund Insurance per semester: recommended but optional

Other Estimated Costs to be Considered

Student Commuter/ Resident General Parking (semester rate)
Personal expenses including medical not covered by health insurance and travel expenses to and from Washington, D.C.


1 credit 1
3 credits
6 credits 2


3 credits

American University Housing Centennial Hall

(2017 pricing. Updated pricing will be posted in spring 2018)

Single Occupancy Weekly Rate(per person)
Single Occupancy Daily Rate (per person)
Double Occupancy Weekly Rate (per person)
Double Occupancy Daily Rate (per person)

Estimated Dining Rates 3 Rates are per person

(2017 pricing. Updated pricing will be posted in spring 2018)

50 Block Plan + $225 Eaglebucks
25 Block Plan + $225 Eaglebucks
25 Block Plan + $100 Eaglebucks
Al A Carte Breakfast
Al A Carte Lunch/Brunch
Al A Carte Dinner
3 Meal Package
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner--all consumed in one 24 hours period)

Health Insurance

Costs will be posted in spring 2018

Students covered by another plan are not required to enroll in the AU Insurance.


Estimated Weekly Transportation
Parking Permit
$221.00 (2017 pricing. Updated pricing will be posted in spring 2018)

1No scholarships will be offered for the 1 credit option.
2The "6 credit option" includes a research paper or elective course.
3Unused meals and/or Eaglebucks can be refunded up to 10 days after check-in date. No cancellation or refund after the 10th business day. Unused Eaglebucks may be refunded at the end of the summer.

Scholarships are available. For priority consideration, complete your admissions application by March 3rd. If you've already been admitted to the program, visit the Scholarships page for more information on how to obtain a scholarship.