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Friends of WINS


"I feel that this experience is a vital part of the circle known as my life."

Beatriz Reyes
Navajo/University of Oklahoma

The Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS) program has been suspended. The information below is intended for archival purposes only.

What is “Alumni and Friends of WINS”?

The Alumni and Friends of Washington Internships for Native Students represent a community of leaders, alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, neighbors, businesses, associations, and other supporters with a strong commitment to WINS. The organization works to raise awareness and build support for WINS. The Alumni and Friends group recognizes the vital role WINS plays in education for American Indians/Alaska Natives/Native Hawaiians.

American University
School of Professional and Extended Studies (SPExS)

As a member of the Alumni and Friends of WINS, your efforts may help do the following:

  • Fund sponsorship of WINS interns
  • Enhance academic offerings
  • Maintain and expand the services provided by WINS to facilitate the pursuit of academic excellence
  • Support new WINS recruiting efforts
  • Offer professional development opportunities for staff and faculty to meet the changing needs of the WINS vibrant community
  • Strengthen WINS events and activities
  • Develop WINS through “Opportunities to Make a Difference”
  • Sign up now for FAWINS using the following form: