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A Letter from Our Exective Committee

Staff Council Fall Reception

Happy New Year #ProfessionalEagles,

We hope you all had a wonderful fall semester & a great break. We wanted to share a recap of what your 2017-2018 Staff Council had been working on during the Fall 2017 semester and what you can expect from us leading into the spring semester.

This summer, Staff Council welcomed eleven (11) new Staff Council liaisons and began planning events and initiatives for the semester ahead. Our members page highlights your twenty 2017-2018 Staff Council liaisons, their constituencies, and the committees they participate in to serve and support our community.

This past fall we:

  • Held our 3rd Annual Veterans Day Appreciation Breakfast on Friday, November 10th. A tradition we value in showing our appreciation to the veterans who are members of this AU community.
  • We welcomed President Burwell to her first attendance at our annual Fall Reception on Tuesday, November 28th. It was a great event to see our community coming together, getting to know each other and having a great time! Special shout-out to our Education & Social Activities Committee for their planning efforts.

Your Staff Council Liaisons continue to serve on a variety of committees, including but not limited to, the Board of Trustees committees, the Performance Management Program (PMP) Redesign committee and the new university Rewards and Recognition Committee.

During our Fall Board of Trustees Report, the Executive Leadership Team outlined 5 Initiatives in an effort to continue advancing the mission and values of Staff Council:

  1. Outreach- This year we are increasing opportunities for constituency engagement within Staff Council. Consider joining one of these three committees (Service, Web & Communications and Education & Social Activities Committee).
  2. Communications - We continue to build a presence on our social media about who we are. We are increasing the amount of communication we share directly with our constituents and also how we are utilizing our campus wide communication strategically.
  3. Collaboration- We are committed to our active relationship with Human Resources. Working with the HR Directors to support staff needs. Additionally, we are excited to continue engagement with AU Student Government, Graduate Leadership Council and Faculty Senate.
  4. Supporting Constituencies- In 2016-2017, Staff Council helped support constituents in the proposal and creation of Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups in collaboration with HR. The first Affinity Group developed was the Black Faculty & Staff Affinity Group.
  5. Supporting University President, Sylvia Burwell- We are excited to welcome President Sylvia Burwell and are continuing to support her efforts as she transitions. The Executive Leadership has met with President Burwell regarding staff needs and experiences at AU; we have worked with the President's Office as it relates towards action on diversity & inclusion and we are excited to celebrate President Burwell during her inauguration in April of next year.

As we prepare for the spring semester, we are excited to continue advancing these aforementioned initiatives, and preparing for our Third Annual Personnel Conference!

If you have ideas for other events or service opportunities or are interested in interacting more with Staff Council, we welcome you to attend our meetings held every first and third Tuesday of every month from 11:30am to 1:00pm.

On the first Tuesday of each month, we will meet in MGC 245, and on the third Tuesdays of February, March, and April, we will rotate meetings at the Washington College of Law, Spring Valley Campus, and the Connecticut Avenue building. Stay tuned for location confirmations.

You can stay connected with us by following us on Facebook and twitter.

On behalf of the 2018-2019 Staff Council,

The Staff Council Executive Leadership
Colin Gerker (Chair), Lindsey Brown (Co-Chair), Maya Vizvary (Secretary)