Districts and Representation

In spring of 2013, Staff Council voted to change its previous approach to representation and institute a new plan of districting, the purpose of which was for Staff Council to systematically and comprehensively represent the staff body at American University, ensuring distribution of Staff Council information and publicity of its events and activities.

In Staff Council’s districting plan, there are 19 districts distributed across all members of the Council, one district for each Council member at large. The districts have been distributed evenly, the average district containing 77 constituents (staff members). The majority of districts remain within the same divisions as they do in American University Organizational Chart.

The process repeats every year in June, after the Council’s yearly elections. At that point in time, the Executive Committee of the Council assesses the need for evaluation and redistricting, if needed, due to staff transitions or institutional change.

For a complete listing of the districts, please see the Council’s District Cards.To find your Staff Council liaison, please visit our Staff Council Liaison page.