Feature Liaison Profiles

Staff Council had a chance to sit down with elected members Andrea Carpenter (Kogod) and Jeremy Lowe (Admissions) to ask them a few questions about backgrounds interests. Read more to see what we discovered!

Interview with Staff Council Liaison, Andrea Carpenter

Profile What do you do now and what did you do before coming to AU?

I'm a Career Advisor for undergraduate business students in Kogod's Center for Career Development. I've been with the business school for about two and a half years; prior to that I worked at a school in Pennsylvania while I earned my master’s degree.

How did you get into this area of work? What do you like about it?

Since high school, I've been fascinated by human development and workplace satisfaction. People spend a lot of their life working, and I want to help them enjoy it! I particularly like working with college students since I get to meet with them at a time when they are making significant career and life decisions, and I'm continually impressed by the intelligence and drive of Kogod students.

Where are you from? What did you study in university?
I'm from Rutland, Vermont which is very beautiful... and very cold, so I am a fan of the milder D.C. winters. My M.S. in College Student Personnel is from Shippensburg University. For undergrad, I attended VFCC outside of Philadelphia and studied Psychology and Industrial Organizational Psychology.

What is one place you'd love to go, which you haven't visited yet?
I'd love to go to Europe; so far my only travel outside of the U.S. (aside from Canada) has been to India, so I definitely want to see more of the world.

If you could be a superhero, which one would you be and why?
Any superhero that can fly!

Best. story. ever. About yourself. What is it?
When I was about eight, I let go of my sister's hand while crossing a busy road by my house and ran straight into a car. I ran into it with such force, in fact, that the driver of the vehicle contested her traffic ticket since I was fine but her car was damaged. Shortly after, the small town I lived in decided to put in a crosswalk near that spot and they referred to it as "Andrea's Crosswalk" so that's my claim to fame. And I'm also very good now about looking both ways.

Interview with Staff Council Liaison, Jeremy Lowe

Profile What do you do now and what did you do before coming to AU?

I currently serve as an assistant director of admissions. Our office primarily works with undergraduate applicants. The Office of Admissions is a part of the Office of Enrollment. I have been at AU since August 2011.

How did you get into this area of work? What do you like about it?

I was a psychology major in college and initially wanted to work in high school counseling. I had an awesome guidance counselor in high school and really wanted to work with high school students. However, during my senior year of college I interned in a high school guidance office, and it was not a fit for me. I knew I was passionate about high school students, so I cam across college admissions. I gave tours in college and really liked helping students find their way to higher education, so this has been a great fit for me. What I like most about college admissions is the relationships I get to build with prospective students and families. Having the opportunity to help young people figure out what they are looking for in their college education makes each day in the office really unique. I also like the travel that comes with the field. While at AU, I have recruited in 14 different states across the country. It really is amazing seeing the country while working.

Where are you from? Where did you go to school, and what did you study?
I was born in raised in St. Petersburg, FL. It is a medium size city that hugs the Gulf of Mexico coast. Florida is a really unique place to grow up. I spent a lot of time at the beach. The part of Florida I grew up in had a great local music scene too. So I spent three years in a punk rock band during high school. I completed my undergraduate work at Barton College (Wilson, NC). I also spent my first two professional years in the admissions office at Barton. I recently finished a graduate degree from Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA) in Organizational Leadership.

You do a lot of traveling for the Office of Admissions. What is one place you'd love to go, which you haven't yet?

So as I mentioned, I love the travel aspects of the job. There are four colleagues who travel internationally, which I think would be awesome, but since I only recruit domestically, if I had to pick one place I'd love to go, I'd have to say Colorado. I have never been and feel that I would love the scenery of the Rockies.

If you could be a superhero, which one would you be and why?

I have always been a huge Spiderman fan. For me, Spiderman was an average guy who had a serendipitous turn of events that gave him powers which he used to help others. And living in DC, it would be great to swing above the Mass Ave traffic to get to work in the morning!

Best. story. ever. About yourself. What is it?

As mentioned, I was in a band in high school and also did musical theatre, so I am no stranger to performing in front of others. But one of the coolest experiences I ever had was appearing as an extra in three episodes of the the television show, One Tree Hill. The show was filmed in Wilmington, NC, not far from where I went to college, so it was easy getting to the set. On one episode I got to interact with both Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray.