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Staff Recognition

Staff Council is excited to highlight the incredible contributions of American University staff with the wider community. Please submit using this form to share your own or a colleague's accomplishments, recognition, and kudos. These submissions will be featured on Staff Council's website and may be featured on Staff Council, HR, or AU social media as well. Submissions may also be shared with HR, the Office of the President, and other members of university leadership so the achievements of our staff are known and recognized.

Join us in celebrating our staff:


Preeti Menon and Zephi Francis

Practioner in Residence and part-time staff, School of Public Affairs
In an article titled, A Focus Group Analysis with a Drug Court Team: Opioid Use Disorders and the Role of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in Programming published on April 10th in the Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, colleagues (including Zephi Francis) and I explore drug court team members’ experiences related to the use of medicated-assisted treatment (MAT) in programming. Link to the article.

Amanda Steadman

Music Library Coordinator, University Library
Amanda has been elected Coordinator of the Paraprofessional Interest Group for the Music Library Association. Serving a three year term, Amanda will facilitate meetings of library professionals at the annual meetings and online discussions.

Kayden Kassof

Instructional Technologist & Space Designer, University Library
Elected to serve as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair of the Higher Education Technology Manager’s Association (HETMA).

Christine Gettings

Director of Internnational Programs and Partnernships, School of International Service
Christine serves as a Board Member on the NASPA Global Division. The Global Division (The Division) is to represent the global interests of NASPA members. The NASPA Global Division represents student affairs educators, practitioners, and professionals around the world. The Division advances international student affairs issues, advocating for intercultural competency and global awareness throughout the association and in the field of student affairs around the world. The Division advocates for global education, and preparing and implementing programs that support student development and professional development worldwide. Collectively, the Division recommends globally oriented strategies to carry out charges from the NASPA Board of Directors.


Matt Seklecki

Event Planning Manager, School of Communication
"Matt is our Events Planning Manager. He coordinated logistics for "Charting a Path" an event co-sponsored by SOC Journalism, the Investigative Reporting Workshop, and Morgan State University that was focused on bringing more representation of people of color into investigative journalism. I received a letter from professors Amy Eisman and Lynne Perri saying their team is indebted to Matt for the tremendous knowledge and guidance that went into the recent event. Amy and Lynne wanted to “go on the record” with this letter of appreciation to recognize how much Matt shouldered to make sure the program was a success. He really went the extra mile, and they are grateful. "


Kelly Mayer

Student Affairs & Senior ADA Coordinator, Washington College of Law
"From the manager of the transcription company we have used all year, for Kelly: "You have been so awesome to work with! You’ve communicated the many changes in the schedule swiftly and openly throughout the semester. You’ve gone out of your way to make sure any prep material was sent before class so the transcribers can be better prepared. That in itself is so appreciated not just by me, but also the transcribers. I can’t tell you how many times I have held department meetings and the transcribers that provide services for WCL students have chimed in and said “whoever the coordinator is for my students, is really on top of things and the prep material is so helpful for us, please send our thanks.” "

Martin Sagendorf

Associate Director of Housing Assignments & Communications, Housing & Residence Life
Martin is being recognized for improving overall communication process to students and their families.

Ann Marie Powell

Director of Dining and Auxiliary Services, One Card and Dining Programs
"Ann Marie has been critical member of AU's community in her duties. She has worked many weekends and nights to make sure our students get the services they deserve. She has maintained a campus presence during most of the year to make sure AU can get their ID cards and students have access to food during the mini-mester."

Tiana Hakimzadeh

Associate Director for On Campus Programs, Office of Enrollment
"Tiana oversees the Welcome Center at AU. This past month, Tiana has coordinated the efforts within the Office of Enrollment to offer prospective and admitted families the ability to have a student-led tour of AU. Something that no other DC area college is offering right now because of COVID. Tiana and her two direct reports have been going into the Welcome Center 3-4 days a week almost all of the rest of the Office of Enrollment continues to work remotely. I just want to applaud her efforts and give her the recognition she deserves for helping us offer tours to families during our critical conversion season. "

Tim Maggio

Finacial Aid Counselor, Office of Financial Aid
"Thank you for always being available to assist with questions and being a friendly and helpful coworker. I appreciate all that you do."

Earl Myers

Loan Coordinator, Office of Financial Aid
"Thank you for always being available to assist with questions and being a friendly and helpful coworker. I appreciate all that you do."

Stephanie Rucker and Brandon Ferry

School of Communication
"Thank you to SOC Graduate Academic Services and Communication & Outreach staff for executing a successful Admitted Student Welcome on Sunday, April 11. It took a team effort to secure our highest event registration level to date with 111 registrations and 91 attendees (82% attendance rate). Since the event we saw an increase in deposits and graduate enrollments! A special thanks to the admissions team, Stephanie Rucker and Brandon Ferry, for organizing and coordinating such a successful event!”

Kanako Harada

Senior Accountant, Office of the Controller
"Kanako deserves the greatest kudos! Her dedication to the overall goal and functionality of the department has continued to soar even more so during this unprecedented year. She continues to give insight regarding improvements to our virtual working environment, offering training and guidance to new hires and her colleagues, in addition to, building and creating useful templates that help assist central administration for AU Sponsored Research. The GCA team has experienced a few changes this year. However, Kanako's leadership, positive attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile helped the department through one of the most challenging years. You are appreciated! Kudos, Kanako!"

Maia Edmunds

Senior Administrative Assistant, Academic Support and Access Center
"Maia is being recognized for her excellent additions to the ASAC website that improved the navigational experience for AU students, staff, and prospective students, and also eased navigation on mobile devices."

Sarah Jones

First-year Advisor and AUx Instructor
"Sarah is being recognized for creating a safe and open environment for students to share their thoughts and experiences, and expertly so, during sensitive discussions such as race-relations in our current socio-political climate. She demonstrated to her students that they are a priority to her. When asked to speak at a student organization event, she went beyond the expectations of the chapter leaders and prepared engaging slides to teach students about racial inclusivity and BIPOC experiences, including her own experiences as a Black woman. Attending students learned a lot about the topics she spoke on, such as the cultural detachment BIPOC people face as a means of fitting into white society among many other issues. Students are extremely grateful to have someone as knowledgeable and dedicated to creating an inclusive campus community as Sarah and know that she is always rooting for them."

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