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Rainbow Speakers Bureau (RSB)

Looking for an interesting and informative program for your class, residence hall, or organization at American University or in the Washington, DC community? Want to learn more about issues of sexual orientation or gender identity? The Rainbow Speakers Bureau is just the program for you.

Since its inception in 1994, the Speakers Bureau has brought LGBTQ educational opportunities to the AU campus and community. The panels are flexible and will be designed to meet the needs of your class or organization, but all work on four basic principles: providing information; combating homophobia; creating visibility for the LGBTQ resources on campus; and communicating through dialogue and personal contact. Some major topics that have been covered by the Speakers Bureau include coming out, harassment and violence towards the LGBTQ community, homophobia, stereotypes, and social and cultural constructions of sexuality.

If you would like more information about how an RSB could work in your class or organization, please send an email to our RSB coordinator.

Request a RSB Online

To request a RSB, please fill out our online form.

RSB panels must be requested a minimum of two weeks before the requested date to allow for proper time to finalize panelists. For more information, contact the Center for Diversity & Inclusion or by calling us at 202-885-3651.

What Others Say about RSB:

"The respondents were very comfortable, approachable, and human."

"The program was very casual and the presenters were happy to be very open about all types of questions. I felt as though they encouraged the audience to ask the kinds of questions that are usually deemed too sensitive."

"The presentation was interesting as well as organized. The personal stories were great."

"Thank you! My father recently came out (a month ago) and I'm dealing with issues pertaining to that. Your presentation answered some questions I had."

"The speakers were great! Their ability to be honest and come across as average students is amazing."