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Restorative Request

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) offers restorative services, including restorative circles, facilitation trainings, and educational workshops.

Community members who are interested in exploring training opportunities are encouraged to request more information

Restorative circles are an approach to repairing harm that involve parties discussing the incident and finding a way forward, together. Students can inquire about a restorative circle by submitting a Care Report and selecting the first option, Restorative Circle Request

Once you submit the form, a staff member will follow up with you within three (3) business days. The participation of all parties in a restorative circle must be voluntary and can be discontinued at any time throughout the process.

What are Restorative Circles?

Restorative circles provide an opportunity to explore and discuss an incident with all affected parties. All participants will have an opportunity to present their perspectives. They will also reflect upon the incident and collaboratively develop a reparative agreement, with the purpose of repairing the harm that occurred with all impacted parties. The reparative agreement requires the approval of the university. All parties must comply with the reparative agreement.

Restorative circles may include an inquiry into the facts of an incident, but they do not include a formal investigation. Information shared in a restorative circle will not be used in any formal proceeding through the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices (OSARP) unless specific information is revealed under the mandatory reporting guidelines (e.g. health and safety of any participant, health and safety of the greater AU community). If a restorative process fails before a reparative agreement is established, the university may consider the case closed.

If a situation is appropriate for restorative practice resolution, students will be contacted, typically within three (3) business days, for an intake meeting and to discuss next steps in the process. The criteria to consider resolution to a concern using a restorative circle is contingent upon the University's discretion. Typical, the timeline for restorative circle resolution ranges between 10 - 15 business days.

If you have questions or concerns related to the process, please contact or (202) 885-3300.