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AU Together

Do you wonder if there are other AU students in your town, studying remotely? Would it be helpful to meet other Eagles who know what it's like to be "doing AU" in Texas, or Ohio, or Puerto Rico? 

Eagles Everywhere is a way to help AU get together, right where you're living. This is your platform; it's not a structured event, or part of a class, or another Zoom meeting. (Though of course you can meet up by Zoom if you like!) It's a way to find each other and reach out. 

There's also information on connecting with alumni and a number of ways for parents and families to meet and support each other.

You're not alone in these challenging times. We're AU Together — and there are Eagles Everywhere!

Would you like to reach out to other AU students in your region? 

Just log into Engage/Corq using your AU credentials. Then find Eagles Everywhere and start connecting!

Tip: You can search for Eagles Everywhere in several ways:

  • On the "Organizations" page, type Eagles Everywhere into the search box. All the regional groups will appear.
  • On "Home," type "Eagles Everywhere" into the search bar at top. A few suggestions will pop up, along with an arrow at right. Click on that arrow to see the whole list (with regions and affinity groups).

There are regions across the US and internationally, as well as a number of affinity groups for students who identify as Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA or Asian and Pacific Islander. 

If you don't identify with any of the Eagles Everywhere groups, please email Dayne Hutchinson with the Division of Student Affairs for help with further ways to connect.

AU Eagles are a vibrant community of changemakers facing the challenges of Covid-19 together. Alumni serve as mentors to students, offering networking opportunities and sharing their own experiences in good times and bad. There are more than 135,000 AU alumni around the world – in all 50 states and on nearly every continent.

Learn more about:

In partnership with the Office of Campus Life, the Alumni Association brings together students and alumni for networking and learning. Our remote status makes it challenging to develop community, so take advantage of these opportunities to connect! A network of alumni, with whom you can form lasting relationships, will enhance your AU experience and provide ongoing guidance as you navigate classes and experiential opportunities, and consider life after college.

As families of college students in these unprecedented times, you're sharing a unique experience. Connecting around it with fellow families can be so important.

Eagles families can connect and stay connected in a number of ways:

  • Parent and Family Engagement office — find many helpful services here, including a point of contact for family questions, webinars, and more; 
  • AU Parents and Families Facebook page — a dynamic community of families where you can also keep up with what's going on at AU.
  • Regional Facebook groups for AU families  — wherever you're from in the US or internationally, just request to join and start connecting!



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Eagles Everywhere

Wherever you are, you can connect with fellow Eagle students through Eagles Everywhere groups. (Sign in with AU credentials to interact on pages.) 

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alumni events

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

Whether you're a current student, family member or alum, Eagle alumni love to meet (or e-meet) fellow Eagles.

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Eagle Families

There are thousands of AU families, all across the country and world. Here's how to find families in your region and connect.

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