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Patient Visit Information

Making an appointment

To schedule an appointment, either schedule online via the Student Health Portal, or call 202.885.3380 and press #1, then #2. When you schedule your appointment online, it allows you to view all available appointments and select your preference.

For psychiatric appointments, please call 202.885.3380, press 1 & 3.

Nothing available online? Try making a same-day appointment

If you are sick and would like to be seen urgently, it still may be possible to see a health care clinician at the SHC. We try to reserve at least 20 appointment slots for students who are acutely ill and would like a same-day appointment.

To make a same-day appointment, call 202-885-3380 and press #1, then #2 and you will be connected with a patient service representative who will help you schedule the visit. We encourage students to call the SHC as early in the day as possible to ensure that there will be an appointment available for them. If a student cannot be seen for a same-day appointment, the patient service representative will assist them in finding another option with one of our community urgent care partners.   

When scheduling over the phone

Specify what type of appointment you need. Physical exams, annual GYN exams, or psychiatric appointments are scheduled for different lengths of time than routine and follow-up visits.

When scheduling a follow-up visit, you should make an appointment with the same provider from your initial visit. You can also specify if you would like to see a male or female provider. Know your class/work/internship schedule so you can schedule a time that is convenient for your schedule.

What to remember when you come

Forms - You must have any necessary forms filled out on the Student Health Portal before arriving to your scheduled appointment. On the portal, click under "My Forms," and click on the form that needs to be filled out before your appointment.

ID and Insurance Card - Bring your student ID card and insurance card. If you have the CareFirst student insurance plan, you need to go to their website and print your insurance card. You should bring your current insurance card for every visit, even if you are on the AU Aetna PLan, in case you need lab work which will require your insurance information for the lab work to be ordered.

Cancellation - We want to make sure that every student who needs to see a medical provider has the opportunity to do so. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, you need to cancel the appointment at least 2 hours ahead of the appointment time. This will open up an appointment for your fellow students.

Please be aware that any student who does not cancel their appointment two hours ahead of time will be charged a no-show fee of $20. If you are unable to cancel it on the Student Health Portal, you will need to send an email two hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid the no-show fee.

Payment - There are fees for services at the Student Health Center. Please review the fee schedule before your first visit. If you have any questions about the fee schedule, feel free to contact us via email.

All charges for visits at the Student Healthn Center are billed your Student Account. 

Receipt for services - You may print a receipt through the student health portal after each visit. Click under "Appt. Scheduling," "View Appts.," then go to the tab "Previous Appointments" and you will see a Receipt column to print your visit receipt.