Non-Profit Resources

Every organization needs resources to grow. CCES and AU would like to support nonprofit organizations and build thoughtful partnerships.

As highlighted in the University Strategic Plan, "we anticipate our partnerships could span research collaborations, community-based and experiential learning, career opportunities [and more]." 

By completing the following surveys, we can better match your needs with available resources and assess what would be useful in future collaborations as we continue to integrate ourselves as a part of the DMV community.

Volunteer Request Form

To receive information regarding volunteering opportunities & resources, or request for volunteers in service-learning programs, please fill out the following survey.

Volunteer Request Form

Physical Resources

"Physical Resources" focuses primarily on access to space and in-kind donations.

If you need access to these spaces (ex. you want to host an event and need a place to do so) or want to see if we can help with a donation drive, use this form.

Physical Resources Form

Financial Resources

American University students can apply for funds through the Eagle Endowment Grant for Public & Community Service to aid community action. We also hope to publish a list of recurring and one-time grants that we hear about.

Complete the following form to get updates on financial resources.

Financial Resources Form

Entrepreneurial Resources

"Entrepreneurial Resources" includes access to academic journals & resources, requests for research assistants, and our exceptional AU Faculty.

If you're interested in any of these resources, tell us using the following survey!

Research Request Form