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Resources for Students

Guide to connecting with a community partner : This guide outlines a strategy of how to reach out to prospective community partners, and includes an email template and phone call talking points.

Directory of Local Nonprofit Organizations : These directories are organized by issue area, and include the contact information and mission statements of local nonprofits.

Resources for Faculty

CSLP Syllabus Language : Interested in offering your students the opportunity to add a pass/fail credit to your course for 40 hours of service with a community organization that complements your coursework? This resource includes the language that can be added to your syllabus outlining the Community Service-Learning Program.

Community-Based Learning "CB" Course Designation Form : Do you incorporate community-based learning into your undergraduate-level course? This resource includes the application form and instructions on how to register your course as a community-based learning course.

Literature : Teaching a community-based learning course? Consider assigning one of these readings as a foundation for the student experience.

Service-Learning Journals and AU Student and Faculty Publications : Browse the leading academic service-learning resources and the published work of your colleagues and AU students.

CSLP Hour Log Sheet : Faculty can distribute this sheet to students to keep track of their volunteering.

CSLP Capstone Project Ideas : For professors whose students are adding the pass/fail CSLP credit to their course, this document outlines different academic capstone projects to assign.

Ideas for incorporating service-learning into your curriculum : This document offers suggestions for different ways to incorporate service-learning projects or strategies into your course.

CBLR Guide for AU Faculty : This document offers extensive, AU-specific guidelines and strategies to incorporate service-learning into coursework.

Additional Networks and Resources

National Campus Compact is a coalition of more than 740 colleges and universities committed to the civic purposes of higher education. Their website contains information on publications, model programs and sample syllabi.

Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic is a coalition of local colleges and universities who come together regularly to discuss best practice and community impact. This website includes syllabi, projects, grant opportunities, and conferences.

The Talloires Network is an international association of institutions committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education.

The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse supports the service-learning community in higher education using community-based learning techniques and methodologies.

The National Youth Leadership Council empowers students to transform themselves from recipients of information and resources into valuable, contributing members of a community.

The National Service-Learning Partnership concentrates on strengthening the impact of community-based learning on young people's development, especially their academic and civic participation, by supporting members sharing resources, organizing change and sponsoring innovation.