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You've Earned It

Once you have been hired by American University, ensure that you have access to electronic timesheets through the myAU portal, or confirm other reporting procedures with your supervisor.

Enter the number of hours you work each day and sign your timesheet at the end of each two-week pay period. If you sign your timesheet after the payroll due date, your payment may be delayed.

The university offers different pay options which provide more secure, dependable, and convenient ways to access your pay.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit automatically deposits your paycheck into your designated bank account(s) on payday.

To sign-up for direct deposit, go to the HR/Payroll Connection application on the portal. Select the Payroll tab and click the Direct Deposit button to sign up. No paperwork is required. You can complete the form online (be sure to have your checking and banking information handy when you are completing the form).

Alternatively, you may complete and submit the Pay Selection form to Payroll (fill out both pages for direct deposit).

TotalPay® Card

If you do not enroll in direct deposit, you will automatically be issued a TotalPay ™ card and each pay period your pay will automatically be deposited on the card. Please fill out the first page only of the Pay Selection form. More information about the TotalPay card™ is available here.