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AU High School Summer Scholars FAQs

Students will earn one credit upon successfully completing one course. Students may enroll in more than one course, but they must first obtain program permission by emailing Students may enroll in no more than three courses. Because the nature of instruction is asynchronous and there are no live sessions, students may select courses with overlapping dates.

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA (B average) are eligible to apply. International students with an equivalent GPA are also eligible.

We encourage applications from international students. Interested candidates are required to submit transcripts reflecting a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, a minimum score of 80 on the Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL-IBT) is necessary for admission. However, exceptions to this policy will be reviewed and considered on an individual basis.

Students usually take their course for a letter grade (A-F). However, pass-fail grades may be available, depending on individual circumstances. For more information, contact

Students should select the course that best suits their interests. Because the nature of instruction is asynchronous and there are no live sessions, it is possible to enroll in more than one course; NOTE:, To enroll in more than one course students must obtain program permission by emailing  

Students may enroll in no more than three courses. Students should understand that each course will require a minimum of five to ten hours per week, including watching pre-recorded lectures and assigned videos, participating in online discussion boards, and completing course readings and writing assignments.

Payment for your course is due upon registration. Lack of attendance does not mean that a student is automatically withdrawal from a course. In addition, failure to comply with payment schedules may result in a financial restriction being placed on your account which would prevent any future registration or proof of completion of classes, including an official transcript, from being requested.

During the enrollment process, students will set up their AU student account which will enable them to access their course on AU’s Canvas platform.

Students should refer to AU’s policies for changes regarding registration. For this program, policies regarding refunds and withdrawals can be found here under the heading, “Refund Schedule for Classes with Non-Standard Length.” To make a registration change, please email

All courses in this program are taught by American University faculty. Instructors are committed to your success. They will remain accessible throughout the entire course via email and/or office hours conducted via Zoom or Skype. 

The AU credit course is taught online in a self-paced, asynchronous format, allowing flexibility in completing reading and writing assignments on your own schedule. Instructional content may include pre-recorded lectures, podcasts, documentaries, and faculty-led discussion boards. The assignments vary from course to course. AU faculty remain involved and accessible to students via Canvas or office hours conducted via Zoom or Skype.

The credit is transferrable to many universities. However, colleges and universities have different policies regarding transfer credit. AU recommends that students contact the a college or university they are interested in attending to inquire about its policies regarding transfer credit.

All your work should be sent in by the due date specified on your syllabus. Course syllabi will give instructions for submitting your work. Students should contact their professor if an extension is needed. 

To receive an official American University transcript, students need to submit a transcript request.  Follow the directions for "New User" through the online ordering systemNOTE: This process will involve creating an account and submitting a few pieces of information, such as your AU ID or date of birth, so that your record can be located.  If you have questions, please email or call 202-885-2022.