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  • Summer Sessions
    Asbury, Room 201

    Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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During AU's Summer Sessions students have the opportunity to participate in many study abroad programs around the world! Internships, courses, and short-term opportunities are all available, making study abroad easy to fit into your summer plans. Hear AU students talk about their experience with Summer Study Abroad programs below!

Justin Morgan

First Year Seminar Abroad: Rome, Italy

"Even though you're studying abroad, this isn't a vacation; you're working."

Katherine Stalnaker

First Year Seminar Abroad: Rome, Italy

"The study abroad program has definitely made me more aware of what goes on in the world."

Jacob Nieb

First Year Seminar Abroad: Rome, Italy

"I wanted to see what I could really do away from my home for the first time."