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Campus Life Committee

The Campus Life Committee is concerned with University policies and issues related to student and campus life.

Committee Members, 2021-2023

  • Gerald Bruce Lee, Chair
  • Maril Gagen MacDonald, Vice Chair
  • Gaurdie Banister
  • Greg Bergquist
  • Jack C. Cassell
  • Pamela M. Deese
  • Thomas A. Gottschalk
  • Mehdi Heravi
  • Fernando Lewis
  • David Trone
  • Anusha S. Mannam, Student Trustee
  • TBD, Student Trustee-Elect

Resource Persons

Cabinet Members:
Vice President of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence
Campus Representatives:
Alumni Association
Faculty Senate
Graduate Leadership Council
Residence Hall Association
Staff Council
Student Bar Association
Student Government



The Campus Life Committee shall be composed of at least four trustees and shall concern itself with issues, policies and resources related to all aspects of student life at the university. It shall perform other duties requested by the Board or Executive Committee.


The following are excerpts addressing committee organization from the American University By-Laws (Article VII: Standing Committees, as amended May 14, 2004):

Section 1. The Standing Committees shall be as follows: Academic Affairs Committee; Audit Committee; Campus Life Committee: Compensation Committee; Development Committee; Finance and Investment Committee; and Trusteeship Committee.

Section 2. Nominations of Standing Committee officers and members for two-year terms shall be made by the Trusteeship Committee at the Spring Board meeting. The Vice Chair of the Board shall be the Trusteeship Committee Chair, and Trusteeship Committee members shall be appointed by the Board or Executive Committee. Vacancies on Standing Committees shall be nominated by the Trusteeship Committee and approved by the Board or Executive Committee for any unexpired term. Vacancies on the Trusteeship Committee shall be filled by the Board or Executive Committee.

. . .

Section 7. The Campus Life Committee consists of at least four (4) trustees and is concerned with University policies and issues related to student and campus life. This Committee has such powers and duties, and shall operate in accordance with such procedures, as shall be set forth in a Committee charter, and any amendments thereto, approved by the Board.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Campus Life Committee is charged with sustaining a dialogue with the campus community that prepares it to inform the Board about emerging issues in student life and to offer guidance for ensuring a safe and healthy campus environment that promotes students’ well being and academic success.

Guided by the university’s Statement of Common Purpose and the mission of the Office of Campus Life, the Campus Life Committee is responsible for considering the effects of university policies and programs on students and on the environment for student learning.

The Campus Life Committee will:

  1. Regularly evaluate and communicate to the Board timely information about students’ changing needs and the campus environment, including issues related to the physical plant that bear on students’ lives on campus;
  2. Establish and regularly review indicators of the university’s performance in managing campus life;
  3. Examine best practices and trends in higher education related to campus life that are identified by the professional associations that serve higher education and student affairs practitioners;
  4. Communicate and balance the interests of students in policy decisions made by the Board;
  5. Promote policies and activities that develop and sustain the campus as a true community;
  6. Advocate for adequate financial resources to support a high-quality campus life for students.

Updated June 2021