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American University | Board Policies


Board responsibility for governing the university includes:

  1. being well informed about university affairs;
  2. serving as the ultimate authority with respect to matters of significance affecting the operations, reputation, and mission of the university;
  3. evaluating and approving major policies and goals of the university;
  4. being knowledgeable about university finances, ensuring that they are strong and are managed prudently;
  5. approving university programs that are consistent with the mission of the university and fulfilling inherent commitments to students, faculty, and staff;
  6. overseeing the successful implementation of the strategic plan;
  7. being structured to conduct its own affairs efficiently and effectively;
  8. engaging in self-assessment on a regular basis;
  9. maintaining appropriate oversight of the university; and
  10. expressing its commitment to and respect for the leadership of the president, the administration, and the faculty, and for the full-time commitment and expertise that university personnel bring to the issues that confront the university.

       The Trusteeship Committee is responsible for implementing governance policies. When the committee screens Board candidates, it should fully inform them of the commitments to the university that are expected. Moreover, the committee is expected to enforce these obligations in its monitoring of the individual performance of Board members.

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