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American University | Board Policies


       Trustee responsibilities are set forth in the university Bylaws and Act of Incorporation as well as in the “Statement of Commitment and Responsibilities of Trustees of American University.” The following statement clarifies these responsibilities and obligations and serves as a guide for members to assess their own performance. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. to contribute to the enhancement of the teaching-learning environment, foster intellectual integrity, and ensure that informed, highly educated citizens are prepared to participate responsibly in a free and open society;
  2. to uphold the legal and fiscal responsibilities of the Board as specified in the university Bylaws and Act of Incorporation;
  3. to exercise general oversight of the university and ensure its solvency, dignity, freedom, and autonomy;
  4. to elect, support, and evaluate the president of the university;
  5. to define and monitor the mission and long-range plans of the university and approve educational programs consistent with them;
  6. to maintain the physical plant and preserve the assets of the university;
  7. to raise funds for the university through personal financial contributions to the annual fund and capital campaigns and by soliciting other financial support;
  8. to devote sufficient time and interest to be genuinely knowledgeable about the university and, acting as its ambassadors, be able to convey and interpret to the public the mission, strengths, and needs of the university;
  9. to attend regularly and participate actively in Board meetings and committee assignments;
  10. to assist in recruiting well-qualified students for admission and in helping well-qualified graduates of the university to enter graduate and professional schools and to obtain employment;
  11. to approve full-time and tenured faculty appointments recommended by the president.

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