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College of Arts and Sciences Brochures

The Challenge:
With more than 50 graduate programs in diverse fields, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) faced a challenge in finding an effective way to engage prospective graduate students. Before the project began, CAS had individual program brochures, but these did not position the school strategically or deliver a unifying message about CAS strengths. CAS consulted UCM to develop a single sheet that would list all degrees and certificates. The school also wanted to highlight the benefits of AU’s Washington, DC, location.

The Solution:
Instead of a single piece, UCM recommended a suite of four brochures that would enable CAS to strategically position its four primary areas: arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Grouping related programs together enables CAS to better communicate its breadth and depth, while also highlighting each individual degree and certificate.

UCM’s designer created a brochure template that reflected common elements among the four areas, while allowing for customization. Consistent layout and visual design ensure that the brochures function as a unified suite, but are distinctive enough so that each cluster stands out. Each brochure has a unique cover and three inside panels that relate to either arts, humanities, sciences, or social sciences. Each brochure has the same two back panels, which provide information about CAS and Washington, DC. The brochures also align with AU’s overall brand elements.

UCM’s solution to this challenge has enabled CAS to more strategically highlight and promote its wide range of graduate offerings. The CAS associate dean for graduate enrollment has integrated the brochures into his visits to career fairs and off-campus events, where they now serve as targeted materials for prospective graduate students. In addition, the template design enables CAS to easily update each brochure as needed, meaning they have a longer shelf life and a better return on investment.