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We KNOW Success Website

The Challenge:
AU recognized an opportunity to create a unique, data-driven website that would provide up-to-date, customizable information on graduate outcomes. The primary audience is prospective students and parents, who may be considering a significant investment of time and resources in our institution, together with guidance counselors, faculty, employers, and higher education peers. Site development continued alongside a national discussion about the value of a university education, particularly in light of increasing student loans. We KNOW Success helps to address these issues with detailed data about AU alumni’s employment, graduate school attendance, salaries, internships, and study abroad experiences.

The Solution:
Led by UCM, the website team also included members of Information Technology, Institutional Research and Assessment, and the Career Center. The team spent 11 months to ensure we presented these data in way that is accurate, transparent, and user-friendly. We achieved several objectives in our execution:

  • The site represents material in a format consistent with the definitions and limitations of complex data sets.
  • Infographics and other data visualization elements are consistent with AU’s brand standards and KNOW/WONK campaign.
  • We used custom web development and design to create an entirely new website with desired look and functionality.
  • UCM developed the site entirely in-house, with the exception of outsourcing an animated video (which UCM scripted and directed).

Launched in November 2014, We KNOW Success provides data from the last three years at graduate and undergraduate levels. Outcomes are available through customized search, infographics, and multimedia presentation.

We KNOW Success is truly distinctive. We created a leading-edge resource for students, faculty, parents, guidance counselors, employers, and other institutions. We have received positive feedback from all of these audiences, indicating that our site sets a new standard for graduate outcome data. In addition:

  • The U.S. State Department’s Fulbright Scholars Program and several universities contacted AU to ask how we created our site.
  • LinkedIn representatives expressed that they wish they had thought of this approach.
  • Guidance counselors have said they wish all universities would provide this information in such an easy-to-use format.
  • Alumni are proud of this site, and faculty members want to use it on their department pages to showcase program-level outcomes.

Interest in We KNOW Success also has been verified through usage metrics, including:

  • As of four months after launch, the site had received more than 13,500 unique visitors and more than 17,000 page views, with users spending an average of more than four minutes on the site.
  • An AU Facebook post reached more than 30,400 as of four months after launch, generating more than 1,570 click-throughs; more than 1,330 clicks; 400 likes, comments, and shares; and excellent feedback.
  • A Facebook sponsored ad reached more than 32,000 viewers, with a unique click-through rate of 5.5 percent.
  • A press release about the site on Newswise generated more than 1,000 hits, and the site was covered on POLITICO Pro.
  • The site also garnered numerous views as a result of our Twitter, YouTube, and AU home page ad promotions and our AU web news story.