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University Awards

President's Award

American University President Neil Kerwin and 2016 President's Award winner Tatiana Laing

American University President Neil Kerwin and 2016 President's Award winner Tatiana Laing.

CRITERIA: The President's Award is the highest award for undergraduate students and is presented to a graduating student whose accomplishments during the course of their undergraduate years are truly exceptional and reflect the highest ideals of American University. The President's Award winner receives $1000 and an engraved medal which are presented at the recipient's Commencement ceremony.

Nominees will have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, integrity, selflessness, leadership, and service to the Washington, D.C., community. They will have contributed significantly to building community and promoting the understanding and acceptance of cultural and racial diversity on the AU campus.

In addition, the nominees will meet the following criteria:

  1. Undergraduate senior eligible to participate in December 2016 or May 2017 Commencement.
  2. Eligible for Latin Honors:
    (a) Achievement of a minimum 3.67 cumulative grade point average and a semester GPA of 3.67 (for the most recent completed semester)
    (b) Completion of at least 60 credit hours required for the degree in residence at American University with no more than 15 credit hours taken pass-fail
  3. Currently in good community standing
  4. Letter of support (self-nominations are acceptable with requisite letter of support)

Nomination Process

Nominations Open: January 23, 2017

DEADLINE: March 24, 2017 at 5 p.m.

Nomination Instructions:

  1. Students, faculty, and staff of the AU community may nominate students for University Student Awards. We also accept and encourage self-nominations.
  2. Please submit nominations to the President's Office via the online form.
  3. For the nomination form, we ask for basic student information (Student ID, School/College, Major, Approximate GPA, and Graduation Date), a list of key achievements, a nomination narrative from the nominator, and supporting documents (current resume and up to three letters of recommendation, which may be collected and submitted by the nominator or uploaded by the nominee). Other supporting materials may include examples of student work on and off campus that show how the student meets the criteria of the award. Submit documents in PDF format.
  4. Our system will notify student nominees of their nomination via email once the nomination form is submitted. Nominees will be able to upload additional supporting materials until the nomination deadline.
  5. The nominator or student nominee should collect up to three recommendation letters and upload them to the nomination site, either with the initial nomination or as a supporting document. If recommenders prefer to keep their letters private, they may submit them directly to (list "President's Award nomination" and the student's name in the subject) or via campus mail to Leslie Wong, Office of the President, President's Office Building, Campus - 8060.
  6. Nomination materials must reflect the criteria identified in the award. We discourage recommendation letters that intend to capture nominations for more than one award.

Contact: Leslie Wong, President's Office, or 202-885-2143