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University Awards

Customer Support Award

This award is given to a staff member or group who provided timely and professional service to both internal and external customers (students, faculty, staff, and other constituents); was responsive to customer needs and requests; was courteous and considered the needs of the customer when making decisions.


Demonstrated a combination of the following:

  • Built strong relationships with customers; proactively reached out to learn about customer goals and interests; stayed aware of customer needs, concerns, and satisfaction
  • Effectively managed customer expectations; did not promise things that he/she cannot deliver
  • Resolved customer concerns in a calm, positive, and sensitive manner; made customers feel valued and appreciated
  • Responded promptly to customer questions and requests; took responsibility for meeting customer needs
  • Actively gathered and monitored information on customer satisfaction; informed people regarding customer service levels and trends related to customer satisfaction
  • Defended customer interests and goals; acted as an advocate for the customer during internal conversations within the organization
  • Encouraged people to think about customers when making decisions; reminded people that customer service is everyone’s responsibility
  • Placed high priority on customer needs and concerns; called attention to issues that affect customer satisfaction; viewed issues from the perspective of customers