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Army Corps of Engineers | Child Development Center

Child Development Center Updates

In our continuing effort to make the interim Child Development Center (CDC) at Leonard Hall more comfortable for the children, CDC staff met with parent representatives to discuss plans for new playground equipment. The group decided on plastic, lightweight, modular freestanding equipment, which includes a climber and slide. In addition, the CDC has purchased a tire swing, sand area, sit and hop balls, a play kitchen, a playhouse, sprinklers, T-ball and basketball equipment, and tricycles. The CDC has also purchased two shade structures to ensure that the children have adequate shade for the summer.

A grassy section of the picnic area, next to the tennis and basketball courts, has been fenced off and made into a temporary play area. The Army Corps of Engineers sampled this area for arsenic and breakdown products of mustard agent. The results showed that arsenic was below the screening level of 13 PPM and well within the naturally occurring background levels for this area, as established by EPA. No breakdown products of mustard agent were detected.

With the Leonard Hall play facility completed, teachers and parents will work together to develop plans for a permanent playground at the original CDC location. The new equipment will be integrated into the permanent CDC playground once all excavation activities are completed and it is deemed safe to return. The University will continue to work with CDC parents and the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure that all appropriate cleanup activities are performed at the CDC and elsewhere on campus.

 August 1, 2001

campus memo from David Taylor about parking during the CDC remediation

 March 26, 2001

report from the Washington Occupational Health Associates (WOHA) with summary results of the University-sponsored medical testing

 March 14, 2001

ATSDR report discussing arsenic levels at the Child Development Center

 March 6, 2001

ATSDR report discussing the results of the medical testing performed for children enrolled at the Child Development Center

 February 8, 2001

memo from Beth Muha to the parents of CDC children describing University sponsored testing for CDC Children

 February 7, 2001

memo to recent alumni, their parents, and former/current CDC employees describing University sponsored testing for CDC Children

 February 1, 2001

memo to parents of the Child Development Center describing The Army Corps of Engineers' map of all the sampling data on AU's campus. This map shows where elevated levels of arsenic are located.

 January 23, 2001

fact sheet to the parents of children who attend the Child Development Center about arsenic levels and affected soil at the CDC

 January 18, 2001

memo to the campus community regarding the preliminary soil test results at the CDC

 January 18, 2001

memo to the CDC parents regarding the preliminary soil test results and temporary location of the CDC