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Memorandum June 26, 2018

Deans, Directors, and Department Heads
Doug Kudravetz, CFO, Vice President and Treasurer
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Project -- Former Public Safety Building

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is conducting environmental investigations and cleanup activities related to the Army’s World War I-era testing of munitions and chemical warfare agents in the Spring Valley neighborhood.  

The Army Corps recently began remediation activities at the site of the university’s former Public Safety Building. The Army Corps and its contractor, Weston, estimate that the schedule for this work will run approximately six months. You will notice heavy equipment typically associated with construction activity in this area and additional construction traffic near the Fletcher Gate. The site has been fenced off as a safety measure.  

As always, the top priority will be the health and safety of the campus community. The university has coordinated with the Army, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the D.C. Department of the Environment to ensure that appropriate safety measures and procedures are in place.  

The university keeps the campus community informed about the Corps’ on-campus activities through a series of memos and fact sheets, meetings, and this website.  

Please contact Dan Nichols, AVP Risk, Safety, and Transportation Programs via email with specific questions about the Corps’ project at AU.