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Project Updates

Over the past 25 years, American University has been working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; the Environmental Protection Agency; the D.C. Department of Health; an independent environmental health scientist; and other partners to address these issues in a public process designed to ensure the health and safety of for both the AU campus and the surrounding community. In addition to AU materials and helpful links on our site, reports are publicly available at the Army Corps' repository site at the Tenleytown-Friendship Heights Library on Wisconsin Avenue. The Army Corps own website is a source of comprehensive information.

This is the latest information regarding the Army Corps of Engineers' activities on American University's campus. Additional reports, archives and memos predating those listed here are available by emailing the Office of the President at

February 28, 2022
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Project Update
September 27, 2019
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Project Update
June 26, 2018
Army Corps of Engineers Project – Former Public Safety Building
September 19, 2017
Army Corps of Engineers-Campus Update
May 15, 2017
Army Corps of Engineers Resumption of Activities
December 1, 2014
Army Corps of Engineers-Resumption of Activity at 4825 Glenbrook Road
July 24, 2014
President's Mid-Summer Campus Update
May 2, 2014
President's End of Semester Update